Selling out for electoral footholds: why politics in the UK has become so cheap

And so, the great 2019 General Election spending spree gets under way.

The political parties and their leaders are lining up to outspend each other with our money – that’s the Taxpayers chequebook – and it’s all just for the one cause that they all share in common: their own.

Yes, it does sound very cynical. But this is the way that today’s politicians are.

The politicians we have now are used to being able to manipulate the system that they were elected to use to govern on our behalf, purely for their own benefit.

And whilst they continue being able to do so, the experiences that we have having of the impact of government- which are relative to us all – are going to continue on being exactly the same.

The policies that we are today and for the next 5 weeks going to be sold are not being created for the benefit or with consideration for their impact upon all.

They have carefully been created just to get the right people on side. That’s the people who these politicians look at and target on the basis that they are confident their vote can be bought.

But the outcomes from policies that sound so great now during the pre-Election build up are destined to turn out just the same as everything we can now recall having before.

Any perceived impact on our lives will be short lived, whilst the politicians can cleverly tell us that they delivered on what they said they will do.

But we will still need as much to change tomorrow as we ever did before.

Thoughts become things. And the way our politicians now behave is so ingrained in their being, the cheap behaviour they thrive on now manifests in everything that they do.

There is nothing reliable, trustworthy, that installs confidence and certainly nothing coming from any of them that inspires people – in the way that any good politician should really want to do.

The only motivation that this political class now has is to secure our votes at any cost.

They are using our money and our futures to do it. 

We deserve so much more.


image thanks to Mail on Sunday – 3rd November 2019


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