Now that Farage has stepped aside to aide the Establishment’s Brexit, what happens if Boris doesn’t win and 17.4 Million Leavers are left with nothing more than multiple versions of Remain?

The reality that a split vote could kill Brexit just as easily as it would open the door to a Marxist Government under Jeremy Corbyn has been well known and has been sitting in plain sight for months and probably many of them too.

That reality makes it all the more puzzling that Nigel Farage chose to step back from running Candidates in all the Seats that the Conservatives already hold – but has not gone the whole hog and removed Brexit Party representatives from all of the other Parliamentary Seats that they were planning to fight too.

If Boris really has gone far enough to reassure Farage that his plan, deal or whatever you want to call it will equate to a real Brexit, what is the real purpose of continuing to fight in seats that could still be the real difference between the hung Parliament that we have right now, and one that would allow Boris to gain the working majority that he would need to push his form of Brexit through?

In many ways, it is now little more than an academic point. Because what we witnessed yesterday will one way or another add up to a significant difference in the way that Voters and especially Leave voters think in the future – especially if it is the case that Boris does not secure a majority on December 12th and somehow we have either the same stalemate in Parliament again, a Labour-led Coalition or a Labour Majority Government come through.

By stepping aside Brexit Party Candidates in the way that he has, Nigel Farage has condemned the movement that follows him to be a force which will now increasingly be viewed as politically spent.

That is a shame when the finish line of the race it was really running had just come into sight.

It won’t matter if Boris wins or he doesn’t in this Election where the Brexit Party is now concerned.

The Anti-EU vehicle that took so long to develop and which harnessed so much of the Leave support until this point, yesterday lost its currency as a political force in which voters, supporters and funders could place their trust.

All well and good if Boris wins and sees his latests commitments that convinced Farage over the validity of his Brexit – all the way through.

But the Election isn’t yet won.

And with many thinking Boris’ Brexit is now a done deal, there is a lot of discussion about other policies and domestic issues to be had. Issues that the Conservatives are going to struggle with – simply because a no deal Brexit was the clear water between them and the other Parties that the others never had.

The upshot of all this where Brexit and democracy in this Country is concerned is that if Boris loses on 12th December, or heads another minority administration with what would only ever be a technical win, there will be 17.4 Million already disenfranchised Brexit supporting Voters who will once again be wondering what the hell they have to do to see the results of the European Referendum respected democratically – not as a loss, but as what it was – a win.

Farage won’t again be trusted in the future in the same way as he has in the past.

The Brexit Party will fall to one side like the rump of UKIP did before it and there is a danger that without a credible vehicle for pressure to ensure a clean and meaningful Brexit, what we saw coming from a large room in Hartlepool yesterday was the end of the best chance for the UK exiting the EU properly that the 17.4 Million British People Voted for ever had.

What should be remembered is that there always continues to be hope. And whilst this whole period of the 2019 General Election Campaign may well be looked back on as an Establishment stitch up to a degree of some kind, the reality underpinning the whole Brexit process and this Election itself is that the same old people are running, with the same motivations and the promises that they are simply going to do the same old things.

Perhaps if the promise that this Election holds for so many comes to nothing – and none of us should pretend it could not – that will then be the opportunity to really change everything in politics, get rid of this political ‘old order’ and then finish Brexit properly whilst treating it as only the open door to the opportunities that lie behind it – just good politicians already would.



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