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That was the 2019 General Election that was. The UK’s future now depends upon how Boris decides to step beyond

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The British People have once again been decisive and given Boris Johnson an opportunity to do the right thing for everyone that no other political leader or vehicle in this Election could have won.

No matter how it might be spun or perceived, the result is one that is far from straightforward.

Boris has been elected by the British Public because he represents what is openly felt by people to be the best of a bad deal.

His opportunity now is to demonstrate to all of us how with a working majority in Parliament, real change isn’t only talked about, but is actually delivered as done.

The risk is that with a result like this, Boris will soon forget the realities and truths that underpin exactly how his victory was won.

A rich mixture of the rejection of Corbyns Labour, a continuation of Politicians behaving as if they are entitled to lead us, and over three years of a Brexit logjam created by MPs from all sides who believe their ideas are more important than those of the people who elected them have led voters from all areas, ages and backgrounds to hold their noses and create the numbers that have seen a Conservative majority pushed through.

The moment that Boris forgets or fails to recognise that his power is little more than a loan from a great many of the people who voted, all of us will begin to lose.

For better or worse, there are simple realities and truths at work across the UK that any politician committed to change has to face.

  • Brexit must be delivered and it won’t be delivered just because a situation is created where a PM can stand in front of the cameras and declare that Brexit is done.
  • Politics is broken and its the way that politics works in the UK that needs to be fixed rather than it just being a question of Electoral Reform. Electoral Reform will not work until politics is fixed and once politics has been fixed, there will no longer be any need for Electoral Reform.
  • Questions of Public Policy will not be solved by simply fire hosing cash at them. Reform is the only way to find our way back to public services that really work and serve as they should, are affordable and are universally accessible to all.
  • The question of Scottish Independence is much more about the impact of over 40 years membership of the EU and its use of devolution or regionalisation as a way of destroying national identity than just another self-serving politician who wants to create their own power base and cannot be left to dictate a new pathway of its own.

Above all, there must be recognition that Brexit is only a gateway to a great new world of opportunity for the UK that lies beyond.

It is only by cutting the ties with the EU completely that these can be realised.

It’s only by using the benefit of a working majority in Parliament to Leave the EU properly that Brexit really will get done.

Boris deserves the chance to step off and to get this right. But his intention will become clear very quickly when it is apparent of the route that the Government is going to take with Brexit and whether with the numbers in Parliament they now have and the ability to steward change that gives them, they are going to approach Brexit in the same way as they did before the Election and continue to treat the Public as they always have done just the same.

For good or for bad, Boris has been gifted a big moment of Public forgiveness and the opportunity to now do everything right.

Let’s hope that he sees that forgiveness and the opportunity that it brings him and the Conservative Party for all that it is.

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