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This Government’s retarded view of it’s responsibilities and how the economy works will inflict misery upon small business and generations to come whilst all the usual suspects get a bumper pay day

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The new chancellor had a massive opportunity to look the Coronavirus crisis in the eye and do the right thing in his announcement today.

He has failed.

Lending – or rather underwriting loans to the tune of £330 Billion sounds like a big thing. But all it will do is line the pockets of the same old lenders in the finance and banking sectors, whilst shackling businesses and the people who have been or will be laid off or lose their jobs as a result of the crisis to years of debt, simply to stay afloat because of a situation that is not anyones fault.

Nobody should be able, nor allowed to profit from the misery of this situation. We should all be in this together and the Government should be using the responsibility and power that was entrusted to it last December to think outside of the perimeters of what normality tells them they have option to do, and implement solutions that are equitable to EVERYONE and not just those who are able to legally print money whilst creating an even greater financial divide between the have’s and have not’s, where it is the same old usual suspects who will realise a very quick win.

Managing and taking this Country through the Corona Virus Crisis is not something that should simply be contracted out by the Government and placed with private profit making interests and into shareholder-driven hands.

To do so now is fundamentally irresponsible, a surrender of responsibility and a sell-out to the very same people who are using the debt burden placed upon people right across our society to create every greater levels of profit whilst inflicting misery and what is becoming the 21st Century version of enchained slavery where simply remaining financially solvent has replaced the ability to simply enjoy life for too many of us as our priority and cause.

This is little more than looking after your conservative friends Chancellor. Do the right thing and help us all by putting this insidious debt-driven economy on hold and use the legal power that your Government has to create the Standstill Legislation that would help all businesses and all the people being effected by this dreadful outbreak to survive whilst things are critical and then pick up where they left off when this crisis is over and life is no longer simply put on hold.


This non-stop ‘Coronavirus Show’ is helping nobody

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Let me make one think clear: Coronavirus is very serious indeed and there are very few of us who would genuinely wish the horrid lines that comes with it on anyone.

However, the question must surely be asked: Is the non-stop news coverage – that’s coverage that isn’t really news, but negative chat and in most cases very subjective opinion indeed – really benefitting and guiding an understandably concerned and frightened public at large?

We are faced with a situation where it is becoming very clear that even the Government – thats the politicians we elected to lead us only three months ago – really don’t know what the hell they are doing – and they are in the best position to be and to stay informed.

So that being the case, how can it possibly be that the incessant negativity and speculation coming from journalists and in most cases the self-appointed ‘experts’ they are dragging on to their shows is actually helping anyone, rather than making a very bad situation even worse by frightening the living crap out of us all?

Sadly, this is the time that the ridiculous culture of celebrity, experts and the danger that their influence and their platforms has on the public view really shows.

Let us be clear, the term ‘expert’ in the sense of giving advice and looking forward to managing future events is at its best a misnomer. The experience that they have comes from past events or previously researched data. It is historic, cannot be accurately applied to any new or future situation even if very similar, because there are ALWAYS variables, even if those variables are just the different people, different locations and different times and dates involved.

The reason the Government has no idea what it is doing, is because there has NEVER been a 2020 pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in this Country BEFORE.

It would be at best the same for journalists and media stations – if that was they had been elected by the public and were in the position to appoint the people who are most likely to be able to give appropriate advice and direction to address a national crisis and a very public cause.

But journalists haven’t been elected to represent us and the best advisors helping the Government have already got their own jobs.

Isn’t it time that the irresponsible chatter and fear-by-saturation stopped, the news programmes went back to informing us with pure, unadulterated news, and we all were allowed to get on with making the best of a bad situation without a permanent noise and irresponsible commentary from people who have lost sight of what of is in the public interest when it comes to keeping us all informed.


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The Great Reckoning: Is Corona Virus the restart a world driven by money and self interest has been waiting for?

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Something changed yesterday. As my day began with the usual walk, I heard myself for the first of many times say out loud to the people I met and spoke to during the day that you could feel that the atmosphere had changed; that people were behaving like something big was about to happen; but many of us were still clinging to the idea that things would just keep rolling on exactly the same.

I saw the notice on the doors at my local Tesco asking members of the public to be polite, then stopped and asked an assistant I had many times said hello to if there had been people ‘shouting the odds’. With a reply as smiley and as matter of fact as ever she said “I think it’s something that’s been happening right across the Stores”. As I walked on to visit that days destination empty shelf, I simply replied “it’s very sad”.

Boris in the headlights?

Was yesterday the moment when the penny dropped for Boris that being PM of our Country isn’t just a game, but a responsibility with real-life consequences that touch everything, but in ‘peacetime’ are obscured from the self-serving politicians view? (image thanks to Sky News)

It wasn’t until late evening when I began to absorb the outcome and fallout from the latest Press Conference coming from No10 that I began to suspect that for Boris, his team and the Politicians that surround him, the penny may have finally began to drop.

No, I don’t mean in respect of the impact of Corona Virus or Covid-19 on the Government specifically either.

This is all now quickly becoming about the much bigger picture and the consequences of politics having been about nothing but the people involved in Government for many years.

This is all about what it means for everyone when events that are completely outside of the control of any of us come calling and demand that our Leaders step up and really do have to do everything that it takes to get a job done.

If you saw the images coming out from the Press Conference, there was one that looked to be of particular note.

Featured by Sky News, the image is of Boris, with what appears to be a look of shear terror and the fear from a reality dawning that could only come from the prospect of handling the responsibilities of the job that he got, rather than the one he so long coveted. A role that looked great when the consequences of decisions were almost always hidden from view during normal times, but now has the inescapable cost attached with bells and whistles as the Corona Virus Crisis exposes the true reach and implications of political policy in full and unmissable public view.

As I said in the Blog that I wrote here yesterday. We must give Boris his chance.

It is a simple reality that at any point before the next ‘peacetime’ General Election, Boris could only be replaced by a politician who has been nurtured and promoted by the very same broken political system, whether that be someone like Kier Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey or another Conservative, they are pretty much all the same.

They represent a political culture that exists to secure and propagate its own power and rain support and benefits upon its supporters, whether that be big business and the banks, the Unions or any one of a number of establishment organisations and bodies too.

To them, politics is not a responsibility to others. It is just a job. It is a career. It is just another ‘profession’ inhabited by a shallow caste of obsessives, more interested in the opinions of journalists and activists on Twitter than they could ever be about the real lives and day-to-day experiences of the people who elected them into their showpiece offices.

Or so it was until the realities of Covid-19 rather abruptly heaved into view.

Hour by hour, rather than anything more, the landscape is now changing in this Country and across the world. There is a realisation dawning for many that things will simply not ever be the same again and will not return to how they were before.

Everything in this Country and the World we live in has become focused on and revolves around money and its flow.

Life itself has little value to many, unless it is or there is something that can be owned or bought.

There is genuinely no longer happiness for many of us that can be attained from simply the sense of just being. Not when there is something outside of us that with money we could have.

The fragility of the system that has facilitated a situation where greed and selfishness has left its signature in the form of the bare shelves and aisles of supermarkets and shops up and down this Country has been exposed by Mother Nature in all her glory and by an disease that has the ability to kill any one of us just as readily as it could make us blow our nose.

Yesterday’s announcements that came in the form of advisory notices rather than directives or clear instructions from the Government laid bare how out-of-its-depth the Government now is in dealing with the strategic implications of this horrid disease within areas of life, business and industry that Westminster careerists cannot possibly understand or interpret in the most simplest of ways.

The reality that we together are facing is that we now live, work and survive in a debt driven economy which is akin to walking on the tightrope otherwise known as debt repayment or monetary flow. 

Anyone who stops or steps out of this process in isolation, unilaterally or on their own will be pushed over by the force and momentum of profit-driven interests, unless they can immediately rejoin the flow by being able to meet their obligations in some other way.

So when a Prime Minister casually suggests that consumers stop using any business or service without mitigating against the consequences of the inevitable public reaction, they are condemning those businesses and the people and lives that are dependent upon them to be pushed off that tightrope. Unless that is, they are able to rejoin the flow or service their debts and obligations in some other way.

This is simply irresponsible on the part of anyone elected to lead us, and the time has come for our leaders to lead and to recognise that the form of economic mayhem where debt farming by big business and the banking sector has become the 21st Century emotional equivalent of physical slavery where servicing debt has is a real-life metaphor for iron shackles and chains.

The long term situation is not one that can be dealt with overnight. But it is important to understand that the same drivers and motivations that have thrived on a world of cheap money where we are encouraged to borrow to buy just about everything are the very same interests that have pushed and promoted the low-cost benefits of the globalisation.

This is a commercial system that has removed the borders that once protected us under the guise of projects like the EU; lowered the value of the money that we still have in our pockets whilst making the low paid feel like they are being robbed of their jobs.

These interests have raped the Planet and its natural resources whilst creating a climate crisis, simply because their ability to produce the things that we will always buy if they appear to be cheap and affordable will be enhanced only if they can find ways to make them cheaper and cheaper. All the time raising their own personal fortunes whilst devaluing our earnings, and without even the slightest hint that they have considered the true implications and cost of their actions to us all.

In the short term and to prevent the fallout from Corona Virus being felt severely throughout society over the longer term, the Government must now bring a halt to the merry-go-round which is this debt derived system.

Government MUST give everyone the chance to breath without fear of the consequences from circumstances that none of us have responsibility for and have not arrived in this Country as a result of any form of design.

No private interest should be positioned to benefit from commercial activity during a time of National crisis. 

The truly equitable and fairest way to help and support everyone in this Country – which is what the Government and Public Services are actually there for – is to shut out the noise from all individual interests, no matter who they are or who they represent – and implement blanket Shutdown Legislation that temporarily halts all accumulative money making on a profit-led basis, until the Corona Virus Crisis is over and ‘normality’ of some kind has once again been restored.

When it has, the time will have come for us all to reflect upon the values that we have, and the part that we have all played in reaching a point where more always wants more.

We must wake up to the reality that even the seemingly smallest decisions that we make will inevitably have consequences. Decisions we make such as the people we vote for who are in it for the glory for themselves, not the responsibility to us. Self-interested politicians who are unable to lead decisively because their actions always ultimately served themselves and the realities of responsibility for others was not a story that the books they read or the films they watched of the people they admire from history had ever made clear to them or told.

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