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This non-stop ‘Coronavirus Show’ is helping nobody

Let me make one think clear: Coronavirus is very serious indeed and there are very few of us who would genuinely wish the horrid lines that comes with it on anyone.

However, the question must surely be asked: Is the non-stop news coverage – that’s coverage that isn’t really news, but negative chat and in most cases very subjective opinion indeed – really benefitting and guiding an understandably concerned and frightened public at large?

We are faced with a situation where it is becoming very clear that even the Government – thats the politicians we elected to lead us only three months ago – really don’t know what the hell they are doing – and they are in the best position to be and to stay informed.

So that being the case, how can it possibly be that the incessant negativity and speculation coming from journalists and in most cases the self-appointed ‘experts’ they are dragging on to their shows is actually helping anyone, rather than making a very bad situation even worse by frightening the living crap out of us all?

Sadly, this is the time that the ridiculous culture of celebrity, experts and the danger that their influence and their platforms has on the public view really shows.

Let us be clear, the term ‘expert’ in the sense of giving advice and looking forward to managing future events is at its best a misnomer. The experience that they have comes from past events or previously researched data. It is historic, cannot be accurately applied to any new or future situation even if very similar, because there are ALWAYS variables, even if those variables are just the different people, different locations and different times and dates involved.

The reason the Government has no idea what it is doing, is because there has NEVER been a 2020 pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in this Country BEFORE.

It would be at best the same for journalists and media stations – if that was they had been elected by the public and were in the position to appoint the people who are most likely to be able to give appropriate advice and direction to address a national crisis and a very public cause.

But journalists haven’t been elected to represent us and the best advisors helping the Government have already got their own jobs.

Isn’t it time that the irresponsible chatter and fear-by-saturation stopped, the news programmes went back to informing us with pure, unadulterated news, and we all were allowed to get on with making the best of a bad situation without a permanent noise and irresponsible commentary from people who have lost sight of what of is in the public interest when it comes to keeping us all informed.


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