The only bounce coming for business will be from the explosion of the economy that Boris’ Lockdown bomb has created

Fewer press conferences could better represent the idea of the band playing on the deck as the Titanic went down as Boris Johnson’s attempt to blow fairy dust over the Lockdown and its impact upon us all this evening.

Whilst the Lockdown now looks like it is more likely to become the real never ending story rather than something that will find an end anytime soon, it is the Prime Ministers comments and suggestion that British Business will simply bounce back when this all ends that will come across as most galling for all those who are really in touch with where this is going to end.

Talking like this to the public and industry might be how he perceives his modern day Churchill reprisal will need to be seen. But the reality for watchers is that this is a contemporary politician too fond of his own voice and ramblings for his own good, and one who is dangerously out of touch with the public at that.

Whilst few are making the point publicly because the false populism driven by the media tells us its not the right thing to do, the Lockdown and the way it has been handled by the Government has set a time bomb ticking that is going to end in disaster for everyone.

Even a couple of weeks into the Lockdown there was a viable way back. To wake up and lead the Country rather than be led what they are being wrongly told that everyone thinks.

Instead, behind the facade of ‘stay at home and save lives’ and ‘protect the ohs’, businesses are already on life support as inadequate as the Government’s management of the NHS if they are not dead already, and where they are still able to continue are unlikely to be able to service the debt that they have had imposed on them by politicians who have no clear understanding of business or economics, or alternately weren’t really adding great value in terms of jobs and productivity as part of industry anyway.

It is crass stupidity to think or believe that just because you were able to impose a Lockdown on the Country in one day at will, that everything can go back to running as normal at the very moment that you choose to do the same by switching it the other way.

The damage is done. The propaganda and the behavioural insights control has scared people so badly that it would take months for businesses to be back to normal at best, even if they were all still there to reopen and offer their products and services when the Lockdown ends.

People wont be spending money like they were. That means businesses that have found a way through this dubious Lockdown will quickly find that they are no longer viable as they were before and even more job losses and hardship will follow that which is already underway.

The absolute travesty is that this absolute wankfest was avoidable. The Government didn’t have to impose the Lockdown on us. Even when it did, it could have done so much more to mitigate the impact of what it chose to do but refused to do so.

The words of the Prime Minister add up to little more than wishful thinking.

The damage has been done and if we don’t all wake up soon and force the idiots we have in charge to do things going forward in a different way or change them for people who actually will, the only influence we will be left with will be to accept its too late to do anything because all the damage has already been done.



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