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There is a reset coming. It will be the opportunity to redress the balance of life in this country and make things fairer for all

It is all too easy to sound negative when you tell the truth about what the Government is doing and what it has done. But if you can look beyond the pain and suffering that their errors and mistakes are going to cause, it is possible to visualise how things could play out to improve life for us all in the UK and also for everyone across the World beyond.

For too long, money has been the only thing of importance in every part of life and business. But since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, that shibboleth has at worst began to be changed and at best broken as we and the people in the world around us awake to what the World, our Country and our communities have actually become.

In its ignorance of the responsibilities that it actually has, our Government set off a chain reaction on the day it imposed the Lockdown and then chose to follow up with a series of measures that have really helped nobody other than to hold off the misery they have inflicted on at least some until another day.

The world that we knew up until the middle of March 2020 no longer exists. Many people have been so affected by the concept of social distancing and the mantras of ‘stay at home, save lives’ and ‘protect the NHS’, that they will not be thinking of returning to the workplace anytime soon. Others have lost jobs and lost businesses – or soon will do, and the impact of the debt that will be inevitable for so many will become all-absorbing in a culture where we have until now been conditioned to think that what we have materially is all.

Economists and academics will not admit it, but what is happening and the patterns that are emerging now are nothing like the texts or history books that have been written about economics and political history of the past.

Events that should never run concurrently or together are already taking place at the same time, and hyperinflation or more likely massive deflation is likely to hit this Country very soon. This is not something that any sensible person or business leader really wants to see happening within a Country like the UK by choice.

Instead of being worried about the inevitable changes that are set to come, we must all realise and accept that the reset that is coming offers a massive opportunity for us all, as long as we do our bit to ensure that we have the right leadership in place so that we can embrace it.

This reset will be the opportunity to make life good and affordable for all, whilst we take care of the people, the communities and the world around us – all as a positive and selfless choice.


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We need unknown voices to lead against the false populism of this Government, not the usual suspects who will repeat the same mistakes by choice

I would like to say I feel heartened that voices are finally becoming louder and more frequent in their questioning of the Government in its handing of the COVID Pandemic. its choice to impose the Lockdown and the impact of the decisions that it has made.

but I don’t.

What is clear from the array of names now appearing on social media streams and in articles within the mainstream news, is the fight against the Government, the damage it is doing and the damage it has done, may well end up being hijacked by opportunistic MPs, Politicians and Activists who have realised that people are waking up from the social distancing spell that they have been under, and that there is now an opportunity there for them again to exploit.

There is a massive opportunity to change the UK for the better in the coming weeks, months and years IF we have the right leadership in place.

That will not happen if we continue to go around in circles and allow familiar voices and the usual suspects to steal the platform of change for their own use, when they have themselves come from the same broken model as the rest of this sorry lot.

We need fresh faces and worldly perspectives underpinning the next generation of politicians and government, if they are to get us all through the crisis that the Johnson Government has created and then put everything right that needs to be corrected across our Country and our culture, once we get out of the other side.


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The Lockdown is making less sense to more people everyday

May 4, 2020 1 comment

The first three weeks of the Lockdown were a novelty. The second set has been taken by many straight on the chin. But as the days and weeks have passed, more and more people and business owners have awoken to the reality that the Government and its advisors really have no idea what they are doing, are failing us all seriously and are doing more harm than good.

Contrary to what our political class might think of us together, very few of us are as stupid as their words and actions suggest. Many people are working out for themselves that the points made by the different mantras simply don’t join up and social distancing has now become a tool that is being used to control people and stop them thinking about the growing gaps in what the Government is doing and what it has already done.

The Government no longer has the legitimacy to impose the restrictions that they are doing so by choice, because the damage that they have already done and will continue to do to jobs, businesses, quality of life and much more, far outweighs any benefit that could ever come in the comparatively small number of lives that might be saved as a result of shutting everything down.

The reckoning that is coming is a long time overdue. This political class and the system that created and keeps it running needs to be removed.

The people of this Country will break the Lockdown as they awaken to what the Government has done, and momentum will build amongst us all for leadership that will manage this horrid pandemic whilst providing a life for everyone that is liveable for us all.



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