The Lockdown is making less sense to more people everyday

The first three weeks of the Lockdown were a novelty. The second set has been taken by many straight on the chin. But as the days and weeks have passed, more and more people and business owners have awoken to the reality that the Government and its advisors really have no idea what they are doing, are failing us all seriously and are doing more harm than good.

Contrary to what our political class might think of us together, very few of us are as stupid as their words and actions suggest. Many people are working out for themselves that the points made by the different mantras simply don’t join up and social distancing has now become a tool that is being used to control people and stop them thinking about the growing gaps in what the Government is doing and what it has already done.

The Government no longer has the legitimacy to impose the restrictions that they are doing so by choice, because the damage that they have already done and will continue to do to jobs, businesses, quality of life and much more, far outweighs any benefit that could ever come in the comparatively small number of lives that might be saved as a result of shutting everything down.

The reckoning that is coming is a long time overdue. This political class and the system that created and keeps it running needs to be removed.

The people of this Country will break the Lockdown as they awaken to what the Government has done, and momentum will build amongst us all for leadership that will manage this horrid pandemic whilst providing a life for everyone that is liveable for us all.




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