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The rise of the bookcase stasi shows us just how insular people populating the public sphere have become

At a time when so much uncertainty exists, it is interesting to see and hear that the thought police have not found anything better to do than attack speakers doing video interviews for the books they have shelved in the background as they speak.

It is indeed a measure of what our society has become that people can trash any book or literary work on the basis of only what they have heard rather than reading it first.

But to then attack others because they have actually read it and then had the audacity to keep the title on the shelf speaks of a level of ignorance that makes it all the more likely that stupidity masquerading as legitimate and sanitised thinking will be something they will themselves embrace.

It is impossible to understand the problems and challenges that we can see littered across history if we ignore the causes and focus only on the easy reading which are the effects.

It is healthy to read multiple authors on the same subjects in order to learn what the genuine truths are about any subject. It’s critical thinking that sees this process through as you disregard the opinion and nuances which linger in the prose, words and structures in the way that we all differently write.

As a society we are being endangered by the tunnel vision and insularity which has presented itself as being woke or politically correct and is hiding in plain sight.

None of us wants to have a dictator like Hitler or Mussolini or something equally troubling to rise from the ashes of the chain reaction set off by the Lockdown and what is yet to come.

But if we don’t allow ourselves and others to understand all the ingredients that made such horror as the impact of World War II possible in this world as a result of events only 90 years ago, we could all very easily find ourselves on the wrong end of such troubling times again very soon indeed.

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BUYER BEWARE! The voices speaking up against the Lockdown that appeared only 6 weeks in to it are riding the wave of public feeling like Boris once did

There is a massive opportunity for change coming that could benefit us all. The problem is that for us all to experience the benefits that change could bring, it is necessary for us to have politicians and leaders who will always do the right thing.

Quite frankly, things are bad now, but they are going to get much worse.

We need real big beasts back in politics. Political titans and genuine selfless leaders with the metal, resolve and consideration for others who will lead us out of all this mess and be the Churchills of the current age.


Just as Boris has spent years in politics knowing how to grab the main of the wild stallion of public feeling as it ran by him and slowed it down to make it look like he was always on top and in the lead, there are many politicians and activists who are adept at playing a very similar game.

With the Lockdown now 6 weeks old, the commitment and good will of the public is becoming very frayed – even though the stories on the news and in the papers suggest that everyone remains behind the Government and its mantra ‘protect the NHS’.

People are broadening the things that they are prepared to do and businesses like coffee shops and bakeries are beginning to reopen. The fact is that with how the Government has already failed them, we can only ask what else they are supposed to do?

We are now a month and a half in to the developing crisis as a range of the usual suspects begin to reappear and walk in to the debate, attacking the Lockdown as if they are the pioneers ahead of the curve.

They aren’t. And it is a very cynical move for anyone who already has a platform to use it to promote themselves as being a visionary and leader against the tragedy that is unfolding when anyone with a profile and the ability to do it who really understood the depth and reality of what the Government was doing would have stood out against the Lockdown and the measures that have been taken to pay employees and businesses right at the start when it all began.

That they didn’t speaks volumes. Leaders do not need the reassurance that the momentum of others will give them before they stand up in front of everyone and begin to speak.

We have a Government made up of charlatans and we don’t need more charlatans lined up to step in when this Government is replaced.

It is time to look elsewhere and beyond the establishment for the answers to the problems they have caused.

After all, as Einstein once said ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results’.


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BANKRUPT BRITAIN: No jobs, No small business, Debt, Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness & Suicides hanging from every tree. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT – Because Boris saved at least 3 people from COVID-19!

May 5, 2020 2 comments

Yes, it’s a stark message isn’t it?

This isn’t imagination. This isn’t a joke. This is the pathway we are all currently on.

Because we have a Government that thought it better to scare everyone so it could control them, rather than take the hard and gutsy decisions that would be in the best interests of EVERYONE, the UK is now on a pathway to a place where pre-Covid life as we knew it is gone and things are about to become stupidly difficult – if not tragic – for all of us, whether we like it or not.

All it would have taken for things to have been different, would have been for the Government to manage the medical emergency and thrown resources and people at the NHS to deal with the Pandemic as it could have done, rather than turning it all into a crisis by stopping life for us all.

The consequences of government decisions are not something that everyday people should have to worry about. But that isn’t the case with this lot left in charge.

Most people now accept that a certain number of the people who catch COVID-19 will inevitably die. But that number has never been as certain as the reality that the number of deaths from other illnesses, conditions and people simply eating the end of their natural lives will always be significantly more.

The price we will pay for the Johnson Government focusing on the very small number of lives that the Lockdown might have saved, rather than keeping life running as near to normal as possible for everyone else is going to be horrifically high.

The massive loss of jobs, The closure of small business after small business, debt, hunger, poverty, homelessness, abuse, and people who have committed suicide hanging from trees will be the one true and overriding legacy of the Johnson Government as it bankrupts Britain from throwing money at all the mistakes that it has made.

The cure has already cost us more than the virus ever will and the number of lives that will be genuinely lost to the COVID-19 emergency even without the Lockdown in place will be comparatively very few to the deaths from the knock-on effects, the reduction in quality of life and the misery of the masses that the Lockdown and the Johnson Government’s failure to make proper provision for its impact have created.

Be under no illusion, the Government is doing everything that it can to cover its tracks by creating a narrative that makes it look like this virus is much worse than it actually is.

Deaths that have nothing to do with Coronavirus are being attributed to it just the same; Social Distancing is being refined and extended when it is creating more problems for businesses and the way that people think than the benefit it from the problems it might solve; and now we are being told that we must download and compromise our privacy to use a tracing app on our own smartphones when contact tracing no longer has any value as the virus is already thought to have been caught by 1 in 5 people who show no symptoms – and so no app can  ever be sure how you could have been exposed.

The Government we have is quite simply a joke. But the damage they are doing each and every day that the Lockdown and any of the Social Distancing measures remain in place is no laughing matter.

The Lockdown needs to end right now and whoever is in charge of this Country needs to take radical steps to help the people who are and who will be hurt by what this Government has done when even with the Lockdown in place in could have done much differently from the start.   

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