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We don’t want your App. We don’t want your Lockdown. We don’t want your manipulation or control. We want you to do your job or step aside so others can

May 6, 2020 1 comment

There is no evidence that the Lockdown has saved lives from COVID-19 that wouldn’t have been saved anyway, had the Government chosen to deal with the Coronavirus emergency in a different way.

One of the ways that the Government could have acted differently would have been to follow its own advice like South Korea did and use contact tracing as the basis of its response right from the start, when the Virus was not already circulating after touching 1 in 5 of us or possibly more.

To introduce an App and insist that we must all use it now, will, like the Lockdown, cause much more harm than good.

Coronavirus is everywhere. It is just not affecting everyone in the same way, and of many it is as if the Virus is just passing them by.

To begin policing contact with COVID-19 and treating it like it would be an absolute is foolish at best and wholly malevolent at worst.

The reality is that an App can no longer tell you where the Virus may or may not have come from. It could be on a doorway, a shopping trolley, the pint of milk you pick up or even just floating by in the air.

People who download and use this App voluntarily will quickly become the slaves of its use.

The monitoring will be just like having big brother in your pocket. It could very quickly become a way to provide documentary evidence to the authorities which will be used to keep us locked up on nothing more than the basis of our own honesty, when the accuracy or fidelity of the original information we give them with the intention of helping others may not be in any way accurate and cannot be relied upon fairly in any way. It is not impossible that many could be permanently locked-down in complete quarantine as a result.

The Government doesn’t know what it is doing now any more than it did do when this travesty and the COVID-19 Pandemic began.

The refinement of social distancing and use of false hope in the form of technology that can and so almost certainly will be used for purposes other than what we are being advised are just further ways that Politicians are attempting to control our behaviour and the way that we are responding to their handling of Coronavirus because it is something that they have no way to control.

The only way to get out of this now is to stop pretending that all these devices such as the Lockdown, Social Distancing, the number of Tests they can do each day and now the Smartphone App, can actually bring an and to a problem that needs to be managed and not held back until it can be fully solved.

The Country needs to go back to work and to be allowed to live life as best as people can. And if the Government cannot accept this and stop trying to control us in every way because it can, rather than admitting it cannot control the things that it can’t, it should step aside once and for all and allow us to put in place the people to lead us who can and will.

Getting through and out the other side of the financial catastrophe that will be here very soon is not something that can be dealt with by politicians who are so insecure that they are obsessed with our control.

The Johnson Government created the crisis that is coming and they should stop trying to blag their way through it by compromising our liberty and our lives as they do.

When our Government can’t make decisions on Coronavirus in the best interests of our own Country, it wont help to outsource them to Countries on the other side of the World

12 months ago, the UK Parliament was paralysis. We had a majority of MPs hellbent in overturning the democratic will of the people to stop the UK Leaving the EU and we had a Prime Minister who had repeatedly paid lip service the the Referendum Vote and then did everything possible behind closed doors to keep us enslaved to a Foreign Government whilst telling us that our sovereignty would be returned and our future pathway was our own.

Today, Theresa May is back and firing out lightning bolts over national governments choosing to deal with their own response to the COVID-19 Pandemic rather than outsourcing the whole thing to some form of world government instead.

Whilst cooperation with the wider World to achieve benefits for us all will always be a very worthy thing to do, suggesting it would be better to reach international consensus at the most distant point possible from where the problems really are, right in the middle of the COVID-19 emergency is sadly just another reiteration of how out of touch and detached from reality the MPs we have in our Parliament really are.

It is truly bizarre to have to say that the only thing that Mrs May’s successor Boris Johnson has done to define himself differently in the handling of the emergency has been to be seen to be putting the UK first. Because what his Government has actually done and continues to do is neither helping us now, nor will it do so when the crisis it has created arrives in all its horrific glory and embraces us all.

Solving the problem of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the problems the response to it has created is all about understanding the people that are being affected first.

This is not the time for creating even greater distance between people and decision makers.

Real solutions to repair and rebuild real lives need to be created and implemented by real people who are in touch with the people their decisions will effect.

It took years to overturn the surrender of local responsibility not only to London but to unelected bureaucrats beyond our borders that was engineered and propagated by politicians like Mrs May.

The last thing that we now need is for the same sell-outs to again try and convince us that we are cannot be responsible enough to solve a crisis for the UK on our own, when the only real problem we have right now is that we have the wrong politicians in charge and they all arrived in their roles in a similar way to Mrs May.

We need leaders who understand and can meet the needs and responsibility they have to their own People and their own Country first, before we step outside and this time do things which are really helpful for the rest of the World.


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If decision makers don’t understand their own lives how can they possibly make decisions for ours?

The story isn’t about a Government Medical Advisor meeting his mistress under a Lockdown he helped to design.

The real story is that we either have a Government which has now provided incontrovertible evidence that it imposed the Lockdown on the basis of do what I say, don’t do what I do, or alternatively they really have so little vision that they cannot think through the practical realities and impact of the decisions they are making on everyone’s behalf.

Whilst many will find it much easier to believe that the Government is working on the former basis of them vs us when it comes to making decisions which effect all of our lives, other than it being all too easy to believe, there is very little evidence to suggest it’s actually true.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity applies to this situation as if it were the perfect fit.

So no, there isn’t any reason to think that the Government is deliberately out to fuck our lives up or that there are any grounds to believe that there is a conspiracy at work.

But we do now have the evidence to illustrate that the people we currently have  making the decisions that are on the way to wrecking this Country as well as destroying countless lives are not even in touch with themselves at a deep enough level to understand how living with what they have unleashed would really be.

They really are behaving as if the lives and wellbeing of 66 Million People across the UK is just a game and that there is no cost involved to anything that they do.

People who cannot look inwards and understand how they themselves think, why they think it and how influences upon them work cannot look objectively at the same or in any way similar processes for anyone else, no matter the differences or similarities in the way that their lives work.

Those who are leading us or advising those who do should have this ability along with the life experience and wherewithal to place themselves in the shoes of the people who their decisions will impact upon as a minimum.

What is clear from the Ferguson Resignation is that they do not.

The UK now desperately needs the Lockdown ended and people running this Country who can and do.


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