If decision makers don’t understand their own lives how can they possibly make decisions for ours?

The story isn’t about a Government Medical Advisor meeting his mistress under a Lockdown he helped to design.

The real story is that we either have a Government which has now provided incontrovertible evidence that it imposed the Lockdown on the basis of do what I say, don’t do what I do, or alternatively they really have so little vision that they cannot think through the practical realities and impact of the decisions they are making on everyone’s behalf.

Whilst many will find it much easier to believe that the Government is working on the former basis of them vs us when it comes to making decisions which effect all of our lives, other than it being all too easy to believe, there is very little evidence to suggest it’s actually true.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity applies to this situation as if it were the perfect fit.

So no, there isn’t any reason to think that the Government is deliberately out to fuck our lives up or that there are any grounds to believe that there is a conspiracy at work.

But we do now have the evidence to illustrate that the people we currently have  making the decisions that are on the way to wrecking this Country as well as destroying countless lives are not even in touch with themselves at a deep enough level to understand how living with what they have unleashed would really be.

They really are behaving as if the lives and wellbeing of 66 Million People across the UK is just a game and that there is no cost involved to anything that they do.

People who cannot look inwards and understand how they themselves think, why they think it and how influences upon them work cannot look objectively at the same or in any way similar processes for anyone else, no matter the differences or similarities in the way that their lives work.

Those who are leading us or advising those who do should have this ability along with the life experience and wherewithal to place themselves in the shoes of the people who their decisions will impact upon as a minimum.

What is clear from the Ferguson Resignation is that they do not.

The UK now desperately needs the Lockdown ended and people running this Country who can and do.



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