Trains will run 90% empty after the Lockdown. Yes – this Government understands real life for sure…

If the damage that the Lockdown and the lack of financial provision that followed it wasn’t enough to convince us, this Government seems to be hellbent on extending its stupidity and irresponsibility with the aid of the Public Chequebook at every turn.

The hollow distractions that no longer have value like the Contact Tracing App, being talked up and used to keep people thinking the Government are doing something worthwhile is one thing. But now attempting to extend this level of ignorance and stupidity in positions of responsibility into placing restrictions on the way we live once they deign to open the doors back up is another thing entirely.

If you reduce the capacity of public transport by 90%, whether it’s buses or trains, how the hell do they expect everyone to get to work? How do they think the operating companies can break even without significant subsidies from the Taxpayer just so they can continue to exist?

None of this is real world stuff. It’s like Thunderbirds and that means it is a real problem for us all.

The lockdown was unnecessary. They have scared people into fearing death from a virus that is less likely to kill them more than anything else, rather than daring to live each day normally and enjoy being alive.

The financial package they came up with has addicted workers to free money, condemned businesses to close with the job losses that will follow and turbo charged the UK into a recession which will hurt many more than the few their ridiculous measures will ever save. Yet all they needed to do was live up to their responsibilities in the first place and Stop the Bills

Having politicians running the Country who don’t understand the lives of the very people they govern and think every problem can be solved with manipulative sound bites and piles of cash is the last thing we need at any time – least of all at a time of national crisis.

We need change at the top. We need people running this Country who think differently. We need them right now!


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