The PM and this Government are out of their depth and are relying on gimmicks and maintaining a false narrative to try and look credible

img_5861So there it is. The Lockdown continues. But it doesn’t. But actually it does.

Clear as mud.

This is a Prime Minister and Government living in terror of the monster they have created by responding irrationally to a pandemic that they still don’t understand, now hiding from the consequences of the Lockdown that they never needed to impose.

We are being treated like children at best but more like fools, rather than the adults that we are.

We are being expected to respect and swallow the statistics and the diagrams as if they have been created with guarantees and authority when the people who created them have no better idea of where this is all going than anyone else does.

This whole exercise has become about the self preservation of a Government that is completely out of its depth, led by a Prime Minister who is obsessed with controlling the legacy that he believes it is his right to leave.

The cost of this foolishness and ineptitude is simply too high.

The Lockdown needs to end now without any restrictions on our lives being left in place in any way so that the UK can get up and be ready to face another day.

If this Government continues on the path that it is, people will be left alive but without lives to live.


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