The only thing to fear about Coronavirus is the fear the Government created itself

If your overriding fear in life right for the past 7 weeks has been the thought of catching COVID-19, you may want to stop for a moment and ask yourself why.

Yes, Coronavirus could kill you if you catch it, but the chances are that it will not.

You are more likely to be killed by another form of illness or by an accident of some kind.

Ultimately, your body is guaranteed to die anyway and the chances are that you will never have any power over the exact timing and cause.

If you fear death so much and you have no belief in an afterlife – whatever that might be, would it not be better to live the life that you have to the fullest and make the most of each and every day rather than living an existence that values your attempt to avoid death over all other aspects of life?

COVID-19 is no different to many other diseases, illnesses and infections that you could catch from someone else without knowing and could quickly kill you at any time.

The only difference is that it is new, it is unknown to the scientists and the wrong people are in charge of this Country – because since the beginning of the emergency and right now, they still don’t know what to do.

The biggest mistake that the Government has made with COVID-19 was to attempt to control an emergency that can only ever be managed.

You are an adult and should be treated as one by the Government.

In a medical emergency – which is what the Coronavirus originally was – You should be able to expect the Government to put all the resources and people in place necessary within the NHS to deal with cases of the illness as they arise – if indeed they had not already been put there and been ready for such an event to happen in the first place as they surely should have been.

The only thing necessary for you would have been for you to be given the guidance on what to do and who to report to if you or the people you care for should experience particular symptoms and then need advice and where necessary help with what you should do next.

Instead, Boris, his Government and Advisors thought it best to scare you so that they could control you.

‘Stay at home, save lives’, ‘Protect the NHS’, ‘Social Distancing’ and all the other clever words and things they have encouraged you to do like ‘clapping for Keyworkers’ has been a cynical way to make you believe that by surrendering your normal life and stopping the normal things that you do, then doing as you are told, you can save yourself and save others when there is no evidence to confirm that this is what your actions – or those of anyone else will actually do.

The fear of Coronavirus that the Johnson Government has created is far worse than COVID-19 itself.

The fear that Boris and his Government created is dangerous to all of us because of the damage it is doing to every part of normal life through a Lockdown that would never have been necessary if the politicians that you trusted to be adult enough to run the Country without fear had been big enough to return the compliment and trust you to behave like an adult when it came to managing the risk to yourselves and the people you are responsible for each and every day for as long as the emergency exists.

COVID-19 is everywhere. Its in the shops, its on surfaces, its even in the air. And with the limited amount that is known by the Government and the people who advise them about the virus even now, thats how it was always going to be.

The only thing required of the Government and the Public Services THAT YOU PAY FOR is that they are there for you and the people you care for in your moment of need. You do not need them to destroy every other part of our life simply because they do not have any idea what they actually need to do to solve the COVID-19 problem whilst allowing everything else to work too.

On Sunday evening, Boris Johnson again spoke to the Nation about the steps that his Government was about to take. It is clear from that speech that his own fear is palpable and that he and his Government are completely out of their depth.

The only thing to fear about Coronavirus is the fear the Government created.

Its time for you to ignore the politicians and experts who are relying on frightening you and controlling you to remain in power, because continuing to have them in power is going to be a price much too big for you to be expected to pay.


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