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COVID-19 has made No Deal a necessity for the UK as the EU clings on to the wreckage of its past

Whilst most people now feel like Brexit was something that happened to them in another lifetime, reality is different and UK negotiators have continued talking with the EU over a ‘trade’ agreement that would come into force on December 31st.

What we learned this week, beyond the 24hr Coronavirus show, is the EU still believes that post-Brexit UK will continue to accept laws and the supremacy of the EU Courts above our own.

Amid the head shaking and hand wringing, it is clear their approach to ‘negotiations’ is to see everything the UK has – or will have – as only ever being a concession from them.

For them, this is not a negotiation about a new relationship where the stepping off point is what’s ours is ours and what’s theirs is theirs. They don’t realise you don’t build an agreement by making set-in-stone conclusions about what will or won’t appear automatically in-between.

There is no point questioning whether the EU missed the point of the 2016 Referendum. They clearly did.

Now, with the world holding its breath awaiting the impact of the financial depression that has been triggered with an inextinguishable gunpowder fuse, their inability to see beyond the EU project is quickly becoming much more trouble than it is worth.

Either the Euro in part or the EU as a whole is likely to collapse as EU Member States realise that their immediate priorities lie beyond political agendas and that for very practical and human reasons, they must have flexibility to make decisions over public and fiscal policy within their own borders. Their futures are best served being alone.

For many EU Member States, the truth is they are tied too closely into the EU through the rigidity of a common currency. It appears impossible for them to go out on their own.

With the German economy being the Euro’s dead man’s switch, it now looks all but inevitable that their response and measures being taken in response to the Coronavirus emergency make it likely the EU will break up or there will be a return to national currencies that will lead to the same thing.

Either way, the building blocks that gave the lie to what has always been about creating a sovereign European-wide Government are in the process of being read the last rites.

With the financial problems and legacy that the Johnson Government has already bequeathed us over only 8 weeks, the last thing the UK needs is to be tied to an EU that is about to create an even bigger financial black hole as it rolls over and begins to die.

The so-called ‘No Deal’ scenario has previously been presented by those whose first loyalty was to the EU as if it were a choice and that it would be stupidity to complete the process of Leaving the EU if there was no trade agreement in place.

But the reality of the post-COVID-19 World is that we MUST put the UK, our businesses and our people first.

Anything other than a simple trade agreement between the UK and the EU will expose us to more problems than we can deal with anytime soon. It will be far more trouble than it is worth.

The Government would be very generous to our EU Member friends if it simply offered a free trade agreement on a take it or leave it basis with no strings attached.

So if the EU collapses the talks before June, they will be doing us a favour that we should thank them for and wish them well for however long it lasts.





For the love of God Boris, end the Lockdown now and sort out the mess you have created

Things look messier every day.

This week has seen the Unions rearing their ugly heads as they look to capitalise on the fear of Coronavirus that the Government created as a long list of destructive consequences of the Lockdown marches into public view.

We know our children are losing out.

We know that the Chancellors massive cash giveaway is delaying the inevitable and putting redundancies on ice.

We know that Billionaires have cashed in on the Job Retention Scheme to pay furloughed staff that they could afford to pay.

We know that Governments around the World including ours are pointing the finger of blame for the Coronavirus Pandemic at China whilst falling over themselves to embrace them in financially beneficial ways.

That’s all we can see right now.

You couldn’t write this stuff. As a parody offered to TV, this script would get you laughed out of the office before you could finish your pitch.

Yet this is how our Government thinks the UK should be run.

At the beginning of the emergenc, the only thing that people were actively encouraged to think about was staying at home to stay safe. The Government manipulation worked so well it became inevitable that people would have to be burnt by the fag ends of the Government’s inept policies before they would realise that anything was wrong with what was being done.

Those burns have started to hurt. There are finally questions being asked about what is next to come.

What the very clever people who advise Boris Johnson didn’t understand is you can control the things that cause fear, but you have no control over what fear then does when it reaches the mind.

The fear of Coronavirus that the Government deliberately created in the minds of so many people to ensure compliance with the Lockdown is already out of control and taking on a life of its own.

If the Government doesn’t do all that is necessary to turn the situation around whilst it remains able to do so, the assumed role of leadership against resuming schooling for our children that the Unions and members of the medical profession have taken will merely be a taste of what is yet to come.

The challenge the Government faces is that the Unions are firing shots, but Boris loaded the gun.

As long as the Johnson Government continues to pursue an agenda of control of COVID-19 instead of returning life to its new normal and managing cases of the Virus as, when and where they are suffered as they always should have done, the momentum from fear of Coronavirus can be picked up and run with by whoever decides to try.

Coming clean and telling us all that the Government went the wrong way and that we all now need to live with the risk is the only way that Boris will stop these dogs from barking for a good while to come.

Ending the Lockdown completely and in full right now will not stop the financial crisis that it started. But it will prevent other reckless, self-serving and publicity seeking people who are abusing their position from making the whole situation for everyone else even worse.

It is only by ending the Lockdown and letting us all return to our ‘normal’ lives that Government can begin to address and begin clearing up the massive mess that has it has made.

The best way to start is for Boris to be honest and stop blagging us into a deeper and deeper crisis – as should have been the case right at the start.

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