Don’t blame your Advisors – YOU were the ones appointed to lead and all of this was YOUR CHOICE

The facade is beginning to break.

Unemployment is now shooting up and Benefits Claims have shot up by over 850,000.

People are getting very restless with Schools being closed and the continuation of the Lockdown and Social Distancing.

Now the first stages of the political blame game have begun.

There is no doubt that the Medical, Scientific and Epidemiological advice and how it was given is how the whole of the Johnson Government has been led right from the start.

Whilst the first major argument is about missed opportunities and the speed at which the Government acted, it is very telling that today, Boris is quiet and its his key Ministers are out telling the media that they were only following the advice they were given with the inference that none of this is their fault.

The problem for the Government is the advisors and experts were doing what they do.

They were looking at a developing national emergency through the eyes of their profession and the specialisms that they work with every day and nothing else.

Looking at the broad picture and making the right decisions for everyone is what Ministers and MPs are supposed to do. 

To go out and now blame these professionals for making decisions that were only theirs to make, Government Ministers have and are giving the lie to the whole pretence that they are the appropriate people to be in such significant roles.

It is as if they are saying that the Electorate put them in office because they have a special talent that we do not, so they could then make day to day choices about who makes decisions and actually leads – whilst they get all the glory and look all powerful in their cosy Government Jobs when everything goes right and they can quickly offload the blame onto the scapegoat of the day when it does not.

Sadly and very regrettably, this will just be the start of the excuses, pointing fingers and name calling. You can tell by the way that the Chancellor is now forewarning a great recession that the Lockdown has created that the Government is going to collectively attempt to wash its hands of the disaster that it has made.

It’s the public’s job to decide where the buck stops with the decisions of state.

It is clear that the people we elected to be our Government are simply not up to the job.

All of this that is happening was THEIR CHOICE. Advisors are there to advise – thats what advisors do.

The error was in the Political judgement that allowed that advice to set the agenda that led to a Lockdown that we never needed, the creation of a social police state and the economic chaos that is now being unleashed at an unprecedented rate.

For goodness sake why don’t you all grow a pair, own up to your mistakes and do something about it before this whole script you have created to cover your tracks has caused damage that it may well be impossible for the UK to ever row back from.

If you can’t or won’t take it on the chin as any real pillars of society would do so, step aside and let someone else take over from outside this Parliament who actually will.



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