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We need a good dictator

CycleThe disturbing thing about the mess we are now in is that many people – and in that I include many politicians – don’t know that we are already in it.

Rishi Sunak’s prediction that we are heading into a very severe recession overlooks the reality that he caused it and that the financial measures he used to do so are fuelling the perception that nothing has changed economically.

Then there is PM Boris Johnson, who unleashed the Lockdown, using messages to plant the seed of Coronavirus fear in the minds of many that continues t o grow and flourish like the most immovable of weeds.

Now that the questions are being asked and Politicians know that the spotlight is beginning to shine on their mistakes, we find that we are returning to what we experienced all the way throughout the Brexit impasse.

It was made clear that we have the wrong politicians in power. That the system only allows the faces and the words they use to change. We know the motives and the morality underpinning this broken and desperately self-serving culture remain arduously the same.

Democracy isn’t working in this Country. It will not do so for as long as the political system and the people who gain access to Government Seats remain the same.

It is a vicious circle. We will not get the right people in politics whilst the wrong people hold all the levers of power. We will have the wrong people in power until we get the right people into politics.

We need single-minded, selfless determination at the top of Government, not just to get us through the crisis and problems that are now crossing the horizon, but to drive through the changes in public services that are long overdue.

To address the massive issues of inequality that exist from the top to the bottom of society, we require determination and a unique form of bloody mindedness, resilience and ruthlessness to see it through.

Leadership of this kind will not be possible under the system of Government and the democratic processes that we have whilst it remains under the control of the existing political parties who have a monopoly on who our controlling MPs will continue to be.

During the coming crisis, we need to turn away from this broken form of politics and embrace the political thinking and tools that are needed to facilitate the changes that we need to be made.

This can only be achieved with one person, one mind and one vision in charge of the Nation.

We need someone who understands people of all background, how businesses and organisations work.

We need someone who can think through the consequences of action before decisions are even made, and see problems on the horizon before they come into view.

We need someone who is confident in us as a Nation, respecting each and every one of us as the adults that we are.

Above all, we need someone who is detached from the siren call of the media, thinks and sees everything, everyone and what they say generously but critically, using facts and human nature to determine what steps and policies are in the best interests of everyone to pursue.

In the times ahead we need balance and consideration in leadership above all else as we look to a better post COVID-19 World and the opportunities for something better for all that it will give us.

We have never needed a good dictator to take charge of our destiny like we do right now.

Now is the time to find that good dictator.


PLEASE! EVERYONE! Go back to work before there is no work to go back to!

It is deeply troubling to see the Government is now backing down on reopening Schools on June 1st.

The fear of Coronavirus that the Government created has come back to bite with aplomb.

Having loaded the gun that the Unions and naysayers are now using over ‘public safety’ it comes as little surprise that Boris et al are on the run, given that continuing the farce of the Lockdown and Social Distancing is the only way they can keep the lie going and cover up all that they have done.

Watching Breakfast TV this morning, you may have seen the surreal piece covering the apparent excitement of many at the prospect of soon being able to go on holiday to Greece, whilst in the next segment you will have heard that Rolls Royce are about to shed 9000 jobs.

Stand back, pause for a moment and look at just this alone. You will understand that there is something very wrong.

Many people have simply not woken up to what is happening to this Country and how the situation is being made worse by every day that passes and we are still Locked down and Social Distancing measures remain in place.

The money that the Government is burning to keep jobs and businesses theoretically open that in practice no longer exist cannot continue until the time that the last person feels comfortable with the idea of going back to work.

Equally, we cannot and must not accept that public services of any kind should be closed or run on a restricted basis indefinitely just because a Union Official has decided that they know better than anyone else how to assess the risk.

Regrettably, the Government is responsible for all of this. They are in a trap of their own making that the Unions have now so effectively sprung.

If Boris was the Prime Minister and man of destiny he believes himself to be, his next move would be to put his foot down, stop all the payments that are making it cost effective to stay at home, and then stand up and tell everyone to go back to work.

Fear that was created as a substitute for leadership by a Government that is inept in every way has led people to believe that the only thing that matters now is focussing on that fear itself.

It may not appear to be the case yet, but the old normal that we knew before March is now collapsing around us.

The people we have in charge of the Country are more interested in covering their tracks and avoiding difficult battles than they are about trying to turn any of this around.

The Government is now an absentee landlord during a time of National Crisis. Without real leadership, the problems that they have created are now going to get continually worse.

We cannot get rid of this Government with the way the British political system works. If they called an election, the chances are that we would simply have them replaced by politicians who are even worse.

The only way that we are going to begin what will now be a long and arduous process of turing this all around will be for us all to be the change that we all need by beginning that change for everyone ourselves.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, stop listening to the scare stories and the negativity that is all this Government’s fault.

PLEASE! EVERYONE! Go back to work before there is no work to go back to!

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