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Only a new political movement will make sense of the mess that the UK is now in


Rarely does one individual have the platform and access to the eyes and ears of the Public and then use it to speak the truth in the way that Lord Sumption did so in his piece for this Week’s Mail on Sunday.

In an evisceratingly honest analysis of a kind you are unlikely to ever receive from the new generation of Judges, readers are treated to a brutal overview of the root cause of the problems we have in Government today. Sumption tells us ‘You have to go back to the early 1930’s to find a British Cabinet as devoid of talent as this one’. Please do find the time to read it as he certainly doesn’t stop there.

What this article tells many and concludes for others is that British Politics is no longer simply broken.

We have reached the stage where the incumbent political class is progressively pressing the self-destruct buttons on every part of public policy they touch. The Covid-19 Pandemic has just given them a smorgasbord of opportunity to foul things up in one giant hit.

As a Country we are in deep trouble. Unless there is change to the political party set up and the way that government is formed, there is no way that the politicians we have in power and those cast in the same image who are falling over themselves to replace them can ever be removed and replaced so that a process of helpful change can begin.

There have been murmurings this week of Nigel Farage rebranding, re-evolving and then relaunching what was previously known as the Anti Federalist League, UKIP and then the Brexit Party. But we don’t need a right-of-centre solution to a problem that crosses the whole spectrum of questions that people are asking and must now have asked on their behalf.

We need an answer that speaks to, understands, translates and transforms reality for everyone – right across the political divide.

This isn’t going to come from anything we have seen in the public eye before, no matter what it is called.

A book could easily be written about everything that is wrong with British Politics. But the net result or bottom line of any analysis made without influence or prejudice will tell us all that Westminster has steadily been going around in ever decreasing circles with the people who enter Parliament and sit on the front benches for a very long time.

The way that the Political Parties function and select ‘their next MPs’ mean all MPs end up in London with an outlook and abilities that are dangerously myopic. To all intents and purposes, MPs are exactly the same.

The monopoly must be broken. Not simply by launching and bank rolling another political party that acts and behaves the same. But by getting a completely new movement started that looks beyond the machinations of political philosophies, tribalism and self-interest. One motivated by knowing the world would be a happier, healthier and a lot friendlier place if politicians could look at us, treat us and lead us all as one and the same.

We cannot and will not get this from anyone or any movement built upon a platform of promoting one or any particular cause. To do so is always at the cost of something or somebody somewhere else.

What we need is a new movement that is of the people, with the people and for the people where age, gender, colour, race, education and everything else used to differentiate us now makes no difference there. It is experience, understanding and wherewithal that should count.

We need leaders brave enough to actually lead, who know what it is and what it means to have responsibility. They may not have all the answers, but they will know what questions to ask and how to ask them, so that the right ones will always be found.

This will not be achieved by anyone who has or wishes to promote their own agenda, like the politicians we have now and those who have for many years gone before. They are the biggest obstacle in the road to bringing the real change that the UK is going to need to survive.

It is the result that matters. But culturally, we are obsessed with controlling the means.

It is only when we can look beyond our comfort zones and embrace the truth about how sick our political system has become that we can build and develop a movement for change that will rise to the occasion as the depth of the coming recession will dictate.

With the right aims and genuine ability to implement them in the tough times that lie ahead, we can ensure what needs to be done in the best interests of everyone will lead to the right result.


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