No Rishi, Money WILL NOT solve the problems that you and Boris created


In August, you can get 50% of your restaurant bill paid by the Government. Do you still think this Government is conservative?

If you are a business that is trading and you bring back any employee from Furlough and keep them employed until January, you can claim £1000 per head. Do these idiots not realise this is just subsiding jobs that were going to continue to exist?

The fiscal incompetence of the Johnson Government is only outshone by its handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the implementation of measures that are still strangling the UK from within.

The only real question that is burning for anyone who is not tied into this farcical project in some way is how these lunatics ever got their hands on the levers of control.

Every day, the people we entrusted to look after our interests are actively destroying this Country in some new way.

The Conservatives are following an economic theory that simply does not fit the financial terrain that we are now facing. Keeping money flowing by burning public cash and stacking up the national debt is not the way to create a recovery or build for the future in any way. It just keeps the money flowing into the same old pockets, benefiting the same old interests in the same old ways.

The travesty that we collectively face is that without a revolution, these complete prats cannot be replaced. Labour and the Liberal Democrats can offer nothing better. Collectively, these political parties have the British Political System tied up like a monopoly, and if you don’t subscribe to the very same ideals of self interest and furthering your own cause at any cost, there simply isn’t room for you to become involved.

We have not even gone off the cliff that Boris and his cronies are racing the UK towards. But when we are over that edge and everyone has woken up to the reality of what will be a massive fall, we will all begin to wake up to the damage that has been done.

The danger is that once the void of leadership in this Country has been recognised, it will be filled by people who will ride roughshod over the population just the same, but in a different and potentially even darker way.

The crisis that we are now experiencing presents opportunities for this Country and for the people in the UK that we have never had before. But realising those opportunities and achieving a new way of doing things that works in the best interests of all and not just the few will never be possible whilst we have stupidity or anything in the same image left at the controls.


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