The SNPs progress on Scottish Independence is the EUs only UK success story. It was just a bit too late to seal a whole Nation’s fate:

img_7806Never has the curse of a short term memory been more prevalent than it is within today’s political class and those who choose to emulate them.

Reading articles in what are now some of the more respected online journals and magazines, it is easy to become overwhelmed by an almost universal narrative that all of the political situations that exist are isolated events in themselves.

This is exactly the way that the Politicians would like us to see what they do. It’s certainly what they are aiming for and the short term memory of those of us whose futures are being written by all that they do is a great help to the politicians cause.

One of the most interesting developments of late is the switch of the Opinion Polls in Scotland towards supporting Independence from the UK, riding on the back of the SNPs non-stop efforts to gain and win a second Indyref in the shortest available time.

Commentators and the SNP fall over themselves to relate the current situation in Scotland and the prospect of Scottish independence as a direct and isolated consequence of Brexit.

It is anything but.

Devolution and the Regionalisation of the UK was always part of the EU’s or European Project Plan. When Tony Blair and New Labour rode in to power on their 1997 landslide victory, the new Prime Minister did all he could to ingratiate himself with the would-be European Super state, and underscored his commitment to the Devolution Strategy by portraying it as being a plan that was completely his own.

As Strategies go, the aim of Devolved Regional Government, sold as localisation but created as a tool to disable the function and power of National Government is a textbook example of how a foreign power can overcome a nation by breaking it up from within by using its own tools of government to do so.

Devolution was always a long game. What we have been witnessing in Scotland and to a lesser degree Wales too, is a successful outcome from the EU strategy to break up the UK and subjugate the 4 separate parts under permanent membership and political leadership from the Bureaucracy of the EU.  

The strategy went drastically awry when the UK technically left the EU before the dastardly deed was done. But before even that, the plan that would have seen England broken up into devolved Regions suffered a failure to launch through the EU’s oversight that the English collectively see themselves generally as one, just as the Scots and the Welsh more obviously do.

Sturgeon and the SNPs contradictory obsession with leaving the British Union so that they can then ‘re-sign’ Scotland to the EU is ironic. The EU’s failure to keep the UK as a Member, effectively means the level of devolution that the Scottish Parliament has reached is likely to already be providing the greatest level of autonomy it could ever realistically have.

We don’t know what even the immediate future holds. The EU may not even survive the financial crisis that is following and building momentum behind the Covid-19 pandemic. But there is a good chance that the SNP will find themselves able to justify another Scottish Independence Referendum to the Westminster Government and that this time, it will be one that they will win.

What Sturgeon and the SNP will not be so wiling to recognise in their battle for glory is that Scotland will not be able to function as an isolated nation-state for very long. So even if the EU is there for the SNP to have talks with when the SNP’s battle for ‘independence‘ has been won, they may not like the answers that come back.

When that time comes, being part of the British Union is likely to be a very attractive option then that will never be available to them then as it is to them right now and then as it was before.





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