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We must change the way we see politics today so we can experience better politicians tomorrow


One of the most frustrating things about reading my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds is the number of you who are suffering because of the inadequacy of government and the poor decisions politicians are making.

The work of those involved with campaigns such as ForgottenLtd, Excluded UK and Keep Britain Free is inspiring for many for us, but unlikely to yield the fruit that such passion and motivation should deliver, just like any public campaign should do so when the reasoning behind it is justified and fundamentally right.

Regrettably, Government of all levels – whether it be Westminster, your local Borough, District or County – simply doesn’t work in the way that it should. Politicians and the Officers under their ‘control’ are rarely attuned to what their responsibilities to you and I and voters like us really are and the only reason that the plates keep spinning isn’t because there is leadership, but because there are well established processes that remain in place. (It’s when a politician has to decide to do something that isn’t covered by history or a textbook that things inevitably go wrong!)

The hardest thing to accept is that much of the damage from the Lockdown and social distancing to normal lives, incomes, businesses and the way that people feel and think has already been done, even if the damage is not yet there for everyone to see and experience as it soon will be in plain sight.

The politicians will not back date the help and the remedies they should have provided from the start, even if they could. They will not change, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t.

We may well be stuck with the Johnson Government until at least 2024, that is if events that they cannot control do not get there and catch up with them first.

As it stands, the only way to change things for the better is to play the democratic process and the broken British Political System at its own game and provide political options for voters in future elections that will actually deliver during their time in office as they actually should.

Yes, it’s a very hard pillow to swallow, to have to accept that the people that we elected in 2019 are out of touch and that they don’t want to hear anything real that you and I have to say. The reality is that they have lives that insulate them against real-world experience and so they have no currency invested in making life better for anyone other than those that they readily identify with.

Politicians are misusing and abusing the power and responsibility that they have been entrusted with. They are storing up a list of devastating unforeseen consequences for us all as they do so, whilst focusing only on their electability and personal gain.

It is only by creating a completely new political movement, driven by people who are not influenced by myopic issues, the tunnelled vision of political philosophies or the influence of others with money or power that we can establish a new way of doing government that works for everyone and everything just the same.

It will happen one way or another, once enough of us have had our lives touched directly by the stupidity of the current political class and the majority of us accept that we cannot go forward as a Country or as individuals or as businesses whilst the leadership and the pool of politicians that it comes from continues to be the same.


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If you want a change in Government approach and policy, you will have to change the Government and the politicians we elect first

img_7811It is because the politicians that were elected to our Parliament last December are so out of touch with real life that so many people are facing catastrophe at home, in their business or are having the most bizarre and de-humanising restrictions placed upon daily life.

Yet it is the very same reasons that make our politicians so out of touch that they will not respond to the needs of real people, do not have the forward vision to see the catastrophic impacts of what they do, or possess the awareness or maturity to change and adapt so that they do.

Social Media feeds are alive with new organisations, groups and activists that have come into being since the beginning of the Lockdown and have a focus on the people whose existence has at best been forgotten, overlooked or literally ignored by the Government and its policies. Others increasingly centre on the injustice and random imposition of unnecessary social distancing measures that are being used for political purposes right now but pay little heed to the social impact and damage to British life that will inevitably follow.

This is not how a democratic government is supposed to work. But because we have such anger and frustration with the lack of response and the injustices of a system that we have only noticed when we find that we are the ones getting burned, there is a massive disconnect between where we are all now and what steps and what time it will take for us all to turn it all around and get to a place where UK government and the public sector will work for us all as it really should.

Politicians generally become caricatures of their own idea of what a politician should be, no matter the level or tier of government to which they have become elected. The injustices that are now coming to light nationally have been occurring the same, just in different forms right across all forms of government for a significant period of time.

Attempts to change decisions by lobbying, by petition, by legal action will never change the mind of any government that has been constructed in the way that this one has. Any campaign that looks successful will only have succeeded in convincing this political class that change will improve the chances of their re-election from those they already had.

To achieve the change that is right and experience the change that we want, we must play the politicians at their own game. The politicians that we have will not change so we have to change the politicians first.

Yes, you are probably now thinking ‘what about my business!’, ‘what about my job!’. ‘what about my income!’. ‘what about having to wear a face mask!’. These are the problems that we didn’t knowingly ask for and didn’t knowingly invite into our lives. But they are already here and whilst we may not like to admit it, they are here because of the way we have previously voted.

If we want things to be fair for us for the future, it is now that we have to make what feels like a very untimely choice. The choice to replace the politicians and the political parties that we currently have and that it will be no good waiting until 2024 to think about making a start.

All of the arguments and points that groups like Keep Britain Free, Forgotten Ltd and Excluded UK are making are valid and would never have been needed if we had different politicians in power, it was a different world and a different day.

These voices will not be heard by nor change the approach or the wider policies of an incompetent government that was unwittingly put in place to take charge at a time of national crisis. But that energy and the pain that is being experienced by so many now can be used positively to create change for the future if it is redirected, re-channelled and re-distributed right now.


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