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Coronavirus is not a Government conspiracy: We really do just have stupid people in charge

Definition of StupidityBack in April, I wrote about the 5G conspiracies that were bouncing around and why links had been drawn by a great many normal people who were simply looking for a way to explain what feel to many like unexplainable events , whilst joining up a few of the wrong dots.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Some three or four months on, it is now the Government’s handling of the whole Coronavirus Pandemic and the Lockdown and Social Distancing measures that are focusing the minds of many sensible people in exactly the same troubling way.

It is a regrettable fact that the Johnson Conservative Government has already and continues to make decisions or mistakes that are piling up a list of catastrophic consequences for us all.

Individuals and families, owners of small and medium sized businesses and a raft of others were immediately left behind when the economy and our business operations were literally brought to a halt, while little or no consideration was given to the consequences that the shutdown of everything would have.

The situation the Government created has led to a range of pop up organisations and activists focusing their ire on the decisions that the Government has taken. In a genuine disconnect between what representative government should be and what it is, they do not understand that politicians listening to anyone who has a story to tell goes against the accepted establishment narrative that Johnson & Co are genuine and in the business of government to represent others and get things done.

These activists and the leaders of these organisations are good, genuine people who know that the ‘new normal’ that has and is still being forced upon us by an out of touch political class simply isn’t right. But as time passes and more and more of the injustices that have occurred come into focus, it really does seem to many that such decisions must have been planned and that there is some bigger secret strategy or conspiracy at work.

But there is no bigger strategy in play – even though it looks like Dominic Cummings has one and is completely in control.

There is no conspiracy. The politicians that we have elected are generally just stupid.

These politicians are in elected roles for completely the wrong, self-serving reasons. They have no idea what it really is to lead. That is why things have gone so very wrong with the handling of Coronavirus and have ended up the way that they have .

There is no watch list for those venting their spleens about what the Government is doing wrong on Twitter. At least not yet. That will be a problem for us all if we don’t get the removal and replacement of this political class right.

The Politicians we have are insulated by the disconnected reality that is their belief system. They are too stupid to lead. They are too stupid to listen. They are too stupid to even try to understand what life is like beyond their own bubbles of experience and the gilded cages they live in. They are also too stupid to see anyone other than their own kind as any tangible threat to their position and all that they do.

It is basic human nature that is the constituent problem with all that the Government and the public sector do. It is just the case that most of us find it impossible to believe that people who are as ridiculous and out of touch as the majority of our MPs are, could have got into positions of power, doing the things that they do, without there being some grand plan guiding them.

Sadly, we elected them and put them where they are too.

The best thing that all of the groups that have formed and the individuals and activists who are supporting them could now do is start focusing on what comes next. Creating a political movement that will either step into the breach if the Johnson Government should fall, or win against the Conservatives and all of the current Political Parties that mirror their behaviour when the time for the next General Election comes is the best that we could now collectively do.

It feels like the Johnson Government is in charge. But the truth is that they are not.

The processes that exist in Government and the Public Sector are the only things that are keeping the show on the road, giving us all the impression that these stupid people remain ‘in charge’.

It is simply the case that when these Politicians have had to make decisions that break new ground and that process doesn’t cover, that was when the overriding presence of stupidity has shone through and everything we have taken for granted has began to be broken.

Out of a population of more than 60 Million People in the UK, the task of finding 650 of us who have the skills, life experience, motivation and wherewithal to make decisions and create public policy that will really be in the best interests of us all shouldn’t be all that hard for us to do.

The problem is that it is because the establishment has been taken over by stupid people who then recruit more stupid people to replace them, the whole system is now well and truly broke.

Don’t get angry. Get prepared instead.

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