New Lords and the over 50s have something in common. They are the people most likely to cause Boris a problem as the wheels fall off

50+An horrific reality of this Government, is they float their poor policy ideas via leaks, briefings and general chatter in the news, aiming to soften up the public and prepare the ground for when one of them has to stand in front of a camera and announce their plans for real.

Sadly used to the cack-handed way that Boris and Co work and attempt to manipulate everyone with their strategies, many of us are immediately aware of what is coming just as soon as the earliest rumours come into view.

So we can be reasonably sure that talk of increased shielding of over 50’s if the ‘local lockdowns’ continue to grow in number as they already are means that putting everyone over 50 – unless they have a Government-sanctioned reason to be out and about – is exactly where Government policy is about to go.

Everyone with their eyes open can see that the Government are making this all up as they go along.

Politicians are tearing up what was once normal in the UK to service the whims of their stupidity whilst they respond to their fears and the threat of loss of control. All the while Boris & Co are blissfully unaware of the damage they have already done and they continue to do.

Whilst we are blessed with younger generations who are confident that they know the ways of the world better than anyone who has gone and experienced life at their age before, it is those in their 50’s who have the knowledge and experience of life and the wherewithal to question and take apart Boris and this political culture. Literally ‘taking them out’ is the stupid politicians way to deal with anyone who can shine a light of truth on their dreadful game and be a threat to them continuing on to keep doing more.

It’s is very telling where Boris sees the real threats to all that he does from his actions. Beyond the fifty somethings who are about to be imprisoned under the guise of the manipulative lie that it is all about making them safe, we are now also seeing the elevation of the key people from the Leave contingent. High profile figures who beyond Nigel Farage possess a real ability to kick and undermine Boris strategy and plans, bringing focus to places where it will really hurt him as the incompetence of his Government is exposed and the truth comes out.

None of what this Government is doing to this Country now is about the safety and future of any of us.

The first lockdown was farcical and what they have done since, including the implementation of social distancing, has only been about shoring up Boris position and ensuring that he will survive the debacle that his Government has created, whilst the Conservatives secure the 2024 vote.

Control and subjugation of those most likely to become the focal point of a new movement that openly challenges Government and becomes an electoral threat is a standard practice for any inadequate politician who does not have confidence in their own policy making to win the day.



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