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Test & Trace will be Labour and the Unions excuse to keep Schools closed in September

The left use Coronavirus to destroy education

If it wasn’t bad enough that this Conservative Government is propagating Coronavirus myths to cover their tracks keep themselves in power, the Labour opposition and their paymaster Unions are doing precisely the same thing in their attempts to bring them down.

The impact of these political shenanigans are already incalculable. On one hand Boris and Rishi Sunak destroyed what was left of the UK economy overnight, vaporising jobs and businesses when they misused their power to create the Lockdown.

Meanwhile the left are capitalising on the ineptitude of the Government with the avoidable consequence of destroying the education and life chances of millions of young and already disadvantaged people, who at any other time they would wish to be seen as the champions of at every turn.

Joining the growing list of white elephants that the Tories created to bolster their credentials during the Coronavirus crisis, Test & Trace may prove to be the biggest con and waste of public money of them all. There are simply too many variables for it to ever be effective and a reliable tool.

Labour and their Union Paymasters know this. But as they also recognise the self-created vulnerability of the Government that began by using fear as a tool of public control, the left are obsessively and proactively using the void within this Trojan Horse as a political tool against the government.

With no possibility of a Test & Trace service that is credible or able to do the job for which it was intended, this will be the basis upon which Labour and the Unions will build an argument, spread more of their own fear and insist that come September, children must remain at home rather than be at school.

At any time, politicisation of problems for gain by one political party over another is questionable – albeit a very sad indictment of the times we are in. But when parents and just about everyone else can see the damage that has already been done to the lives of countless children and young people since the Lockdown began by schools being unnecessarily kept closed, this whole approach smacks of a kind of irresponsibility that would be criminal if the qualification for being so was simply deliberate intent.

Like most public sector workers today, Teachers have become obsessive protectionists, putting themselves, their jobs, their opportunities, their wages and their perceived need for personal safety first. Yes, the laws that should protect them to do their jobs effectively have been neutered by political correctness, blame culture, the push for diversity and rights. But there has been a complete switch within the profession with the focus now shifted away from the prioritisation of being educators first and foremost to teaching now simply being just a job, where the function of the role and the organisation behind it comes a very distant second to those employed to do it.

With the millions of redundancies that the Government has wilfully created, there will be more than enough people with the ability and desire to teach available in the immediate coming months who would be glad of the opportunity to work. They will not be worried by the politically derived fear mongering over a virus that should never have been handled in this way.

The Unions should now be disbanded. We live in a world where these anachronistic organisations serve no better purpose that the same-self-interest that drives the greed of bankers and financiers, albeit manifested in a different form.

With the stranglehold of the EU now about to be pushed beyond view, any responsible government or leader faced with thousands of teachers condemning future generations by refusing to work whilst continuing to claim their wage, should simply let them go and replace them with the people who genuinely want to work and would see helping our young people to thrive and have a positive future as the only bonus that they will ever need.


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