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Forget planning a way out of the Government’s Coronavirus mess. The only way forward that will work for everyone is for decisions to be made in the moment on the basis of doing only what’s right

Paying attention to the different schools of thought that exist on the Government handling of Coronavirus, the Lockdown and Social Distancing provides an invaluable insight into how people are really feeling about everything right now.

You can see that no matter what side or position people have taken in respect of the Government and the debate, all are talking and hinting of increasing desperation as the search begins for some kind of plan that will get us out of this ridiculous and wholly avoidable mess.

Sadly, the common theme is that nobody is confident of there being a way to deal with the problems that the Government has created – all of which are set to get much worse.

There is a way to deal with what happens next, along with everything that keeps coming at the UK thereafter. But the solution and its application doesn’t offer the surety that desperate people believe that they need in the time of a massive crisis. This is a choice that leaves many vulnerable people at the whim of any charlatan with a platform who starts preaching that they have some kind of plan.

Whilst there are very significant injustices present within society today, the establishment and mainstream media narrative that things are good for everyone simply because we have had peace for a long time and our lives have been improved by the advancement in technology to such a degree that a very focussed argument can be made that says we have collectively never had things so good.

Yet the flipside or dark side of this two-edged sword is a level of complacency and taking of what we have for granted that may never have been seen before. This regrettably includes a complete absence or lack of regard for what good or genuine leadership from our political classes look like and what would happen without it – as it now openly is – when things go wrong.

Peace and the apparent stability of the neoliberal age tells us that plans can either be created or that they already exist in the form of systems and processes to cover everything. This is of course where the Government response to Coronavirus has gone so tragically wrong when there has simply been nothing to guide our stupid politicians in place.

What we all need as we go forward, is a method, approach or way of doing things as we look to turn this horrid situation around, and face the reset that is coming that works for us without being tied into the false security of having some kind of plan.

Plans are about the method of doing something or are the route plan of how to get to the end of a journey. Yet our cultural default position has for too long been to insert them as the aim.

We have lost the ability to visualise that which we want and no longer understand or can relate to what it feels like to be inspired to have faith and therefore motivated to accept hardships, take steps or have them taken on our behalf to get there. That is what genuine leadership is all about and it has been absent from Westminster for a very long time.

Influence, bias, self interest and myopic thinking have led this circus for decades and as one set of stupid politicians has simply been replaced by another, the rot has become institutionalised to the point where even the cleverest and most empathetic amongst them has no idea how to use or harness the power and respoonsibility that they have got.

Decisions are made with no respect for the basic law that governs the reality and consequences of what happens when any decisions are made; that the power of any decision lies in the present and therefore only the one that you are making, and that a decision made has no power over the outcome or the circumstances that will lead to the point when a future decision can be made.

The myth of assumed respect for politicians, government and those with public responsibility that we inherit through conditioning is suggestive that at government level, the simple laws of life that affect you and I as we make daily decisions are much bigger. That they affect us all and that as such they would never work in the same way as they do at the level of you or I.

Yet they do. They work just the same. The politicians we have are not special in any single way.

So when we are looking at what we want to happen next, whether it be for the Lockdown and Social Distancing to come to an end, businesses to immediately go back to work, Schools to return full-time without restriction in September, or any one of the decisions that must be taken in the future as we experience the reset and where life for us all can be improved, these decisions must be taken with only the issues considered that are fully under the decision makers control at that very moment in time.

It simply defies all the rules of logic to think or believe that a plan can be made that cannot be influenced by the passage of even the smallest amount of time and the events and actions of others that take place within that tiny time frame, however short that it might be.

When we can and do accept that this is what real leaders do when they lead, and that the gift of any good leader is their ability to weigh up all of the information that they have at their disposal at that very moment when each and every decision is made, always making the decision that is right – not for them – but for us all, that is when we will have people running this Country who are suitable and qualified to be in control.

That is when we will have faith in the future and won’t need the security of any plan.

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