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Extending the furlough scheme will give Johnson & Sunak more time to avoid reality. But the Brexit conclusion will force them over the edge

The Johnson Government survival strategy appears to have become ‘let’s create a new crisis to cover up the last one’ amid the forlorn hope that one or the other will work and sway the crash in public opinion and push it the other way.

Today has seen the front page of the Daily Mail caricaturing Boris and Gavin Williamson as modern day Laurel & Hardy whilst the question of resignations over the Exams Results crisis is ignored in interviews. Boris appears reluctant to sack his embattled Education Secretary knowing only too well that his own head should be rolling too.

Meanwhile, the rumours begin to kick into gear telling us that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is about to extend the Furlough cash giveaway until the End of the Year, clearly hoping that the Government can stem the tide of redundancies and prevent them from becoming a tsunami once the public money prop-up of this fallacious economic situation is finally brought to an end.

It’s a textbook example of desperation from a Government that lacks the capacity to conduct a simple horizon scanning exercise before it jumps over the next cliff and tells us all that it was the most natural step to take.

Most regrettably, this is yet another Micawber moment on the part of Sunak and he is literally thinking yet again about splashing the cash as they wait for something to turn up. The Government is desperate for events to save them, their tenure and in all likelihood with such a lack of general awareness, their hopes of winning a General Election in 2024 too.

You are probably asking yourself, just how long can this shower of shit continue and remain credible?

Make no mistake, any Government that fucks up Exam Results like this and then pretends that the Education Secretary doesn’t need to go simply has no credibility in the eyes of anyone who has no interest in them remaining where they are.

To put it all in context, after the catalogue of disasters that Johnson et al have unleashed on the British Public and the chaos this is likely to inflict upon us all for years to come, the Government should be resigning and vacating their Parliamentary Seats en masse too.

Those being swayed by what they see as the current range of conspiracy theories such as an engineered reset and the emergence of a new world order will support and identify with the narrative that there is nothing that will now bring the Johnson Government down as they are for a front for bigger powers that are at work behind the scenes.

Regrettably, the reality is that the people running this Country might be intelligent, they might have the right demographic background and they (and their families) might know all the right people about London and Westminster Towns. What they can’t escape is they are utterly stupid. And as Hanlon’s Razor aptly puts it:  “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”,

If we had the right politicians in power now, they wouldn’t be clinging onto the wreckage and taking us all with them. But if we had the right politicians leading us, we would never have had the Lockdown, Social Distancing and our Children kept away from schools and left to the mercy of an algorithm anyway.

Events will take care of the Johnson Government, this rancid political culture and the whole rotten Establishment that underpins it and makes legitimate every mistake generations of stupid politicians have made at an ongoing and incalculable cost to us all.

The Johnson Government Strategy is to just keep rolling until something turns up, or they can engineer something that makes the headlines they believe necessary to turn things around.

Sadly for them, they have already gone too far. The stories are slowly, quietly and surely finding their way out from whistle-blowers that confirm that there is no need for any of the societal control measures such as Lockdown and Social Distancing that remain in place, and that they are simply there to preserve the political position of the Government and the Conservative Party.

September, October, December 2020 and then January 2021 are set to be the big milestones for the Government if they continue in the way that they are:

  • September: The Schools are due to go back. Whilst Keir Starmer is making big statements about ‘Schools must go back’, the political reality is likely to be very different and our lacklustre Prime Minister may have a massive battle on his hands just to get a compromise between schools open and running properly and where we have been since March. The behaviour of Labour and the Unions will probably give Boris and his Tories all the excuses they need to deflect blame. But all it will do generally is crystallise the public view that ALL of our politicians are just the same; in it for themselves and that they ALL must go.
  • October: As things stand, this is when the Furlough Money great cash giveaway finally ends. The real condition of the Economy will quickly come into view and this is when the point of no return and the tide of public opinion will generally turn against the Government and the ruling classes. Yet the Government will continue to roll on.
  • December: By December. The desperation of this failed Government will have reached the point where they are literally looking for a magician to put on a blue rosette, get on the stage and pull a white rabbit out of the hat so that everyone begins to clap. Don’t be surprised if December is the moment that the Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK is officially declared to be over and Boris falls over himself to shift emphasis from 2020 to the final departure from the ties of the EU where he has demonstrated that he is the leader for the times.
  • January: Come the New Year, the picture we will have been given and expected to swallow will be that the misery and problems of 2020 are well behind us, Coronavirus is long gone, we are outside the EU and we are in the hands of a solid majority Conservative Government that lives the mantra ‘get the job done’. This created truth will very quickly come unstuck and January is the time when the question will be openly asked from the top to the bottom of society ‘What the fuck do we do next?’.

If Sunak gets the public cheque book out again and starts fire hosing our money around for three more months paying people who no longer have jobs for work they will never do, things will only change in the sense that the inevitable redundancies and business closures will continue picking up speed but not go over their own cliff until January.

The reality we all face is that if the Johnson Government doesn’t grow a pair and start to do everything that it should be, rather than continuing to do only what it wants, the UK is going to go off the economic cliff and then be immediately picked up and thrown over the Leaving the EU/Brexit cliff too, simply because these stupid politicians do not have and will not have any idea what to do as challenge after challenge unfolds.

For those of you who have read this far and are already asking the question ‘what should we do?’, now is the time to establish a new movement for change that will have cross-party, cross-demographic support and be ready to step into the void that the demise of this Government will create.

Do not fall into the age-old trap of thinking we have any political group that has won seats through the broken British political system that has the right people in the right places to get this job done.

No political philosophy or single-issue plan will solve this problem and get us to where we are supposed to be. That can only be achieved by having leaders in place who will always do what is right.

This answer and this solution will come from real people like you. People of all ages, demographics, backgrounds, educations, experiences. They will all want the best for everyone just the same – and have the faith to do what needs to be done to achieve it and they will be ready to back the people who can and will deliver it too.

It’s time to begin that conversation.

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