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Show people a genuine alternative to this Government and System. Then they will join a movement for change

I’ve written about the current trend for the anti-lockdown, anti-mask and anti-social distancing activist ‘networks’ to be looking at conspiracy theories to explain coronavirus and all of the Government policies hurting us all that hey are reacting to.

What these activists believe to be the deliberate creation of a worldwide reset as a step to creating a new world order, can and in time will be explained by political stupidity on a level so breath taking, it seems very plausible to believe there are genuinely malevolent forces at work.

The trickle towards a popular uprising against the government is so far not showing activists the interest nor commitment from their fellow Countrymen that they believe should already exist.

What they don’t understand when they complain that the numbers are being held back, calling people stupid and sheep for obeying the law, is that people generally follow their gut feeling on the options that they understand to be available unless they themselves have been directly hurt.

The choice of what happens next that most people see right now are between a growing tin foil hat brigade that just wants to stop everything the government we have is doing without any plan for what comes next, and the government itself that may be getting things wrong, but was nonetheless elected and put position last December by electoral vote and democratic choice.

The sense of fair play that the British people still possess is not one that will be overcome by anger and sabre rattling by voluntary choice – even when there is growing discontent, belief and knowing that something is fundamentally wrong with the system and what the people we have elected have done and continue to do.

There is no doubt that we need an alternative to the Johnson Government and the political system that it represents.

But our future is much more likely to turn out well for everyone if the change we now need comes about by democratic choice.

The British Electorate are adults who want to be spoken to, respected as and above all treated as adults by all politicians and the government of the day. They haven’t been for a very long time and Brexit and Boris’ general election victories were both direct results of this fact. Yet political egos are still getting in the way.

What the Electorate will not knowingly do is jump from one form of this establishment stupidity to another.

People will not believe that you will be able govern better just because you say you know what’s right when you also don’t have the track record to govern. It simply doesn’t have any appeal to the masses on the basis of being a logical choice.

The status quo and whatever the incumbent regime or way of doing things is will always prevail when the choice is so simple – no matter whether the challengers are fundamentally right or wrong.

To a normal voter looking at the situation as it is now, they see on one side a group of established politicians offering £cash giveaways and the apparent security of things continuing how they always seem to have been. On the other, a group that is growing, but only offers the ability to stand up, protest and basically say no.

We’ve been here before with Brexit, UKIP and the Brexit Party.

The public want things to change, but only if they can be sure they will stay the same.

Activism against this inept government might well represent the true zeitgeist. But as with Brexit before, the players will not be changed until you can carry the crowd and get them interested in different game.

People will want to know and be able to visualise how their choice of who to support will affect them. The new message has to reach people at a very personal and material level if they are to drop their support for this failed way of doing government and take a leap of faith and considerable risk on backing something has no track record, no credentials and above all is completely unknown.

Yes it helps to have momentum in the way that #ForgottenLtd, #ExcludedUK, #NoMasks and keep Britain Free (#KBF) have got. But it will all add up to nothing and will be of no benefit to anyone if that momentum is not harnessed and put into a form that connects with people in a way that will allow it collectively to do some good when the time comes.

The focus must move from obsessing over the hardship and pain that this ridiculous Government has caused, to creating the comprehensive solution that will not only challenge this Government to change direction, but is ready to step in and take over when it falls, and begin what will be the arduous process of putting everything right.

Saying no to everything the Johnson Government is doing is justified. But saying no and shouting about it takes no preparation. It doesn’t quip anyone or anything to win a very important game.

Show people a genuine alternative to this Government and the broken political system. That is the time they will join the movement for change and adopt wholesale change as their cause.

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