Don’t mistake the actions of law-abiding citizens as successful manipulation of the many. Government abuse of laws to control us will deliver its just rewards

Perhaps one of the most disturbing statements we have seen from Boris Johnson, was that which directly referenced the Government’s deliberate manipulation of human behaviour and the suggestion that they intend to do [a lot] more.

On the face of it, the use of behavioural science, economics, nudges or whatever you want to call it has been remarkably successful in its use to date during the Covid Pandemic. Yet not all of what we see may be what it seems, and the Government may well find that it is congratulating itself on its manipulative achievements’ way too soon.

It’s clear that our political leadership, their advisors and the ‘scientists’ that currently surround them believe that they are the cats with the strawberry flavoured arseholes right now. What they do not see or are deliberately overlooking is the damage they have done to the mental health and independent thinking of a significant number of people who have bought into the fearful propaganda and lies deliberately deployed to coerce and control. These people are effectively the victims of abuse and will at best have great difficulty adjusting back to any kind of normal life. At worst they may suffer mental health issues perhaps for many years to come.

Regrettably, many of the anti-lockdowners or lockdown sceptics interpret unquestioned mask wearing and adherence to social distancing measures in an equally disparaging way.

Both the Government and many sceptics see the majority today as being little better than sheep. Yet there is a significant elephant in the room that really should be giving those who see this all for what it really is a lot of hope:

Most of the people in the UK are law-abiding citizens who simply obey the law.

As in the case of paying all the different kinds of taxes, the majority of people don’t pay tax voluntarily or because the want to. They pay tax because it is the law. This is the point that everyone needs to consider in relation to Covid ‘Rules’ when looking on either gleefully or in frustration at those who are ‘doing as they are told’.

Whilst it is clear that the fear-driven rhetoric that the Johnson Government has unleashed has directly affected a lot of people, the realty that the Government and those aligned against it are overlooking is that even now, the majority are just obeying the law. They will continue to do so for as long as doing so continues to make sense.

Events strongly suggest that the Johnson Government has complete contempt for rules, whether they be legally or morally obligatory in nature. Yet the Johnson Government is also very happy to impose rules on the very people they represent in order to keep control of a situation that genuine leaders would never consider dealing with in the same way.

The most blatant example of the Government’s misuse of the Law to manipulate and control us all has been the abuse of the Local Licensing system – permanently enforced and regulated by local authorities – to police and use pubs and hospitality premises to impose draconian rules on social activity, just to demonstrate how much control they can impose when the apparatus of government allows them to.

The imposition of unnecessary Covid ‘laws’ upon the general population using any business is particularly abhorrent, as it is often the frontline staff who have to police these ‘rules’ for the Government yet end up being those who frustrated shoppers blame.

To the credit of the majority who are still adhering to the Covid Laws – and will continue to adhere to follow the rules until the moment of collective reason finally lands – they are still giving the political class the benefit of the doubt in a way that only a democracy like ours would ever have allowed.

The majority of us still observe the moral case for obeying the law, even in the many cases where increasing questions are being asked about what the horrific level of lack of thought in policy making on the part of the Johnson Government has actually been about.

Those sceptical of Lockdowns and the Government will not find significant support for their arguments until the Government has lost its legitimacy and moral standing with the masses in a range of ways that far exceed the comparatively few issues that the Government’s handling of the Covid Pandemic has raised.

As each and every one of the consequences of the Government handling of Coronavirus and the unnecessary use of Lockdowns unfold, more and more daylight will begin to shine on the many challenging issues experienced by individuals and communities alike that have been exacerbated by what the Government has done.

Not least of these will be the very significant financial upheaval, which is coming for sure, and has come about simply because we are governed by politicians who believe that money solves all problems and that anything else is simply too demanding or unnecessary to try.

More and more people will lose faith in the system of government that we have and the political parties that believe they are entitled to rule.

Yet because nobody is working on a legitimate political alternative that crosses the divides and covers all the issues, there is a growing risk that when the time of the next General Election comes, there simply will not be an alternative on the ballot paper.

As things get worse and worse, the majority will look for more drastic action to sweep a political class that has no legitimacy aside.

A power void may sound very attractive to those who want to replace one set of myopic ideas with their own. But the vacuum that would be created this way offers no guidelines or guarantees in the way that it would be filled.

There has never been a greater need for a government that works for all, for our mutual benefit and is filled with real leaders who are committed to dealing with all the issues. Real representatives of the People who have the wherewithal to work tirelessly on our behalf and do what it takes at government level to proactively get things done.


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