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#Together is not #Together enough. The fight to liberate us all from the tyranny of this Government is about so much more

Yes, of course it is heartening to see an online campaign picking up this afternoon that means virtually every other social media post I’ve seen in the past few minutes is carrying the #Together message and bringing news that suggests at least 80 different anti-government groups are finally working towards doing something that is joined-up, rather than going it alone.

But there’s a problem. There’s already a flaw. This whole approach is focused only on the Government response to Covid, when to really succeed and liberate this Country from such damaging forms of leadership, the debate, the response and the action taken simply has to be about so much more.

The problems that have been created for all of us by the Government response to Covid or all

The decisions it has taken to handle this crisis are not simply about the Covid Pandemic alone.

In fact, every problem that we as a Country now have, including our part in the unfolding horror in Afghanistan, are the result of us having politicians in power and ‘leading us’ who are there for the wrong reasons. They are totally inept and totally out of their depth.

Yes, Covid Passports are wrong. But they are just the next step or stage in a long narrative that began when people who had coveted job titles but not the responsibility that goes with them suddenly found themselves faced with a national crisis without having the ability to lead.

They fell back on career professionals for answers. People who had never left their offices before and were never going to step back from the opportunity to make a national crisis all about their own expertise, rather than seeing a medical response as only part of the answer or solution that we all needed and still need – which is what good leaders would have done from the start, IF we had had them in this Government’s place.

Yes, by protesting and using your platforms to give your fight against this injustice a voice, you may succeed in getting the very stupid people in charge to change a few things. But these are people who will not change much. They will only change the things necessary to shut you up so that you don’t feel the need to keep shouting, so that you will shut up and simply go away.

These are not the people who any of us need leading us now or anymore.

The problems that this Government have created since before they even began responding to Covid haven’t even really started to arrive. We are on the verge of a financial crisis that will be horrific for us all and could arrive at any time. And if you think they’ve failed us over Covid itself, wait til you see how bad it will get when there is no food on the supermarket shelves and no money to pay people, then watch the TV and see that it’s the same old politicians or others who are just like them who are still in control.

Yes, we must all work #Together but the issues we must work with and be open and ready to talk about must make sense to everyone else too, if #Together is to have real meaning and bring #Together ALL the people who really must now become involved.

The real opportunity here is to take this all to another level. To make this the beginning of a real movement for change that really does include and works for all.

A New Party For All is the only weapon that we need and the only action that will succeed in bringing this Government and the political culture that feeds it down, so that it can be replaced with real public representatives who understand all that needs to be done, and will work tirelessly to represent the best interests of us all.

Please do not waste the chance that we have and the time that the way that British Politics works means that we have no choice but to accept as being available.

The next level is stepping away from focusing on the obvious and approaching this fight in the only way that it can really be won.

By establishing A New Party For All right now, and by doing the work necessary to include and make sense of all this to even the people you may think today you disagree with, we can collectively build a real alternative to this ridiculous Parliament, so that when the next General Election is called, it is a contest that can not only be fought, but actually won.

Yes, I know that many of you want immediate action and change to happen now. But we are not in that place.

Working for tomorrow today and doing it properly will change minds and that itself will create change much sooner than you think.

You might win a battle with this campaign today. But if you want to win the war, you will need to step up and play the Government game on a level that these politicians and the whole rotten class behind them simply doesn’t possess the same tools and understanding that you can – if you step up and unleash it – to win.

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