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#Together is #NotEnough

For a few minutes this week, I had genuine the genuine hope that somebody, somewhere was using the platform they have to do something different that was going to turnout to be really constructive. For moments, it looked like someone had successfully began the task of bringing people together to create a genuine political alternative to the political culture and all of the political parties that it consists of to begin the process of change and give us the way to win against them all.

We need this political alternative like never before.

The Government response to COVID and the way that these self-serving politicians are continuing to pursue everything that fits their failed Zero COVID narrative is a travesty for all, even though a growing majority recognise that this outcome will never be achieved when dealing with a virus that is already endemic worldwide.

The biggest problem we face, is not dealing with vaccine passports, future lockdowns or any of the other social distancing measures that the Johnson Government has imposed.

The biggest problem that must deal with is and will be the consequences and the impacts of the Johnson Government Response to the Covid Pandemic that have as yet to hit us, and will be proved to be more disruptive to life than anyone will have seen in living memory.

But it doesn’t end there. These problems that we are all facing have been in the making for a lot longer than the last 18 months. These problems have been in the making for months, years and many decades before COVID even entered our lives in early 2020.  

Governments on all political sides have been slowly strangling and destroying the fabric of this Country and the way that everything works for us for decades. The state of the NHS, the handling of the War on Terror and our exit from Afghanistan, the housing crisis, the simple fact that many of us cannot afford to live and function without getting into debt. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fallout from all of the very damaging policies that politicians have forced into our lives, whilst telling us that they have our best interests at heart.

They don’t.

Because all of the rotten decisions that these politicians have taken have been implemented in isolation and one at a time, very few of us have really  noticed what has been going on as we have carried on with what we considered to be ‘normal’ life.

In some ways this has been deliberate. But whether deliberate or not, people do not question things changing when they do not appear to have any impact on their own lives. Indeed if all of the changes that have taken place in just 10 years were wrapped up and implemented in one go, there is absolutely no way that the majority of us would have agreed to them. Because even those things that seemed to be beneficial for us personally at the time when they were done would look overwhelmingly disadvantageous for us if we had an uncomplicated opportunity to weigh up all that they do.

There is not one part of life touched by public policy that has not been screwed with by politicians who are motivated by self-interest and in many cases fear. In public representation, these are completely the wrong things.

It was inevitable that these many issues would come to a head. But the Johnson Government’s response to COVID has speeded up this process exponentially. There are no very troubling times ahead, and when put in the context of all that is going wrong today, right the way around the world, we are headed for the perfect storm.

There is no doubt that the Johnson Government could have handled the COVID pandemic very differently from the start.

There is no doubt that Lockdowns, Social Distancing and the repression of our basic freedoms was never necessary in the way that the Johnson Government has imposed them. But dealing with the problems that we know face has become about so much more than Covid-related problems alone.

Coming together to work together, be together, and change things together is a very worthy aim and cause. But people with their own agendas are working very effectively together already.

The Conservative Party is together. The Labour Party is together. The Liberal Democrats party is together. The SNP is together. The Brexit Party was together. The Organisations and movements in this Country and around the World that already use the name ‘Together’ to promote their work or cause are together.

Being #Together because it sounds right is #NotEnough.

The problem that we face is not a political one, even though it is being caused by politicians who were elected to represent political parties.

The problem is purely about the people involved. And if we continue to look at this problem in an isolated way and under the assumption that it can be solved with a focused political solution involving the politicians that we already have, nothing that needs to be changed is going to change.

Yes, working together is absolutely key. But the together that we’re really talking about will only be achieved and is only possible if everyone or people representing all parts of society is happily and actively involved. Being together by choice is not enough. We have to feel together, believe that we are all together and want to be in this together.

Hiding away in your comfort zone in chat rooms and within Telegraph chat groups demonstrating to each other what your very own idea of being together actually means will not engage all the people who need to come together to both instigate and then make real change work for us all – even though you might feel better about it all this way at the start.

The only way that widespread and meaningful change can be achieved of the kind that will really be beneficial to all is by launching and developing A New Party For All. One that is inclusive, covers and addresses all issues and above all sees being together as bringing everyone to the table. Through fairness and care for everyone it will deliver solutions and policies for our future together that are always in the best interests of everyone – even when this will feel very unfair to some in the first instance because it will no longer allow them to behave as if they are privileged or different to others in some way.

Coming together online or in a park in London behind a meme that has gone viral is simply not enough for us to all be together.

You will know that you are part of a movement that can win when the same people you see as being against you and what you believe to be right today, who live in the communities, places and even homes where you live, begin to share your views and recognise all the things you have in common again, rather than focusing only upon these very few things that are currently setting so many of us apart.

Change across the UK cannot and will not be achieved by focusing on COVID related policies alone.

#Together, really must mean TOGETHER in the broadest sense of the term.

This is no longer about the few, no matter how different they might be.

#AnewPartyForAll is the only way.

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