Neoliberalism, Free Markets and the thinking behind them created the economic problems we now face. Socialism offers no better answers, but there may be room for improvement in between

If you are reading this blog, the chances are that you are looking beyond the popular narrative or sanctioned news that finds its way into the lives of everyone in a way where there’s no accident to the way it makes us all think.

It has long been known that controlling the behaviour of the wider population is key to the success of the small minded and selfish politician. Generally speaking, those that control the narrative control everything else that goes on.

Scoff as we might at the idea that news can be shaped, rewrapped or adjusted to pander to or adjust how we think – or rather how someone else in power wants us to think, this is the way that the world works and how things really get done. It works because nobody really has any interest in anything going on beyond their own bubble or outside the field of vision which usually sits right in front of their face.

Historically using narratives to shape our lives has worked, because the people at the top – or rather those who for whatever reason are in control – have respected the laws of this ecosystem or the rules of this game. They have never gone as far as to believe that there are no limits to what they can get away with and parade around in front of us all like it doesn’t matter – before the whole thing blows up in their face.

But something has fundamentally changed. And it did so a lot longer ago than anyone might easily believe. In fact, it has taken not a few months, years or even decades to work its way through. It has taken 50 years of this to reach the place where it is no longer a secret that the behaviour of politicians and those who influence them has simply gone too far.

As with many things since the end of the Second World War – when the last real reordering of international dominance in the world too place – it was the United States of America which took a critical decision that in turn then dictated everyone else’s pace.

In August 1971, President Richard Nixon divorced the relationship between the US Dollar and the Gold Standard. The age of Neoliberalism, Free Market thinking, and FIAT Money had begun.

Like any well managed form of political and economic mission creep, the changes that followed came piecemeal rather than at once.

This is how a very unfair and unequitable way of managing money and perverse version of the real economy around us was installed around us as we slept. We accepted massive change bit-by-very-small-bit without ever knowing that the deck of cards was being completely stacked against us in the process, leading up until a point where the whole system has been played and tinkered with so that it functions to benefit just a few.

We are cynically led to believe that the people who benefit from all this have just been very lucky, when they haven’t just played the game differently, they actually got the help of the political classes and rewrote the rules so that it was always going to go their way.

Yet the change that Nixon and the USA instigated has always had a fundamental flaw. The whole thing was based and built upon the creation and leverage of funny money, or money that simply doesn’t exist. As soon as the taps were turned on, the greedy at the top have just wanted more and more.

There is a deliberately misleading lie that is perpetrated to cover up the dark motives that drive this system. We are forever told that left to its own devices, a ‘free market’ will always look after the public without the need of any significant form of government intervention, simply because its in the best interests of the system to do so.

In fact, all free market thinking and the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) that underpins it has proven to do is exploit everyone and everything that sits outside of the magic circle where the people within benefit outrageously from the way the it all works.

Those benefiting counter the criticism against it using the excuse that the only reason people at the bottom aren’t benefiting as much as they can is because of existing government regulation – with the inference that the government has a choice.

Yet it is the lack of regulation or the self-serving imposition of freedom within the markets that led to the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) around 2008 itself.

It was within the Government responses to the GFC that we witnessed just how much power the financial sector has to demand that government bail them out for their unscrupulous mistakes.

What should have been a condemned banking sector took £Billions in public money to refloat themselves whilst blatantly giving bonuses to bankers, rewarding what in any other situatio would be called criminal behaviour.

Meanwhile, our unworldly, sucked-in politicians imposed years of austerity on the tax-paying classes.

The politicians have paid lip-service to the regulations and ethics that should have always been present as the minimum safety net, but which they and their kind have wilfully removed. They have done so, not as a way to help the people who elected them, but as a way to make life even easier for their paymasters. Not because its fair or right – but because it keeps them in their jobs and promises them big money beyond when their time in ‘public service’ comes to an end. It is nothing but a self-serving choice.

A system built upon nothing but thin air was never going to last very long. The 50-year survival of this Bullshit system has been based upon pure luck, rather than evidence that it has real longevity in any meaningful form. The absence of serious national or world events affecting the West has simply meant that it has survived and kept feeding the greed of those who have benefitted from it up until the Brexit Vote and then the Covid Pandemic arrived.

The establishment response to Covid Pandemic has shown their entire hand

Just as red lining continuously is guaranteed to blow an engine with the only question being when it will explode, the point of critical mass of the coming financial collapse is no longer a question of if. The question is simply ‘When?’

Whilst this neoliberal based era would not have been able to continue indefinitely, it was the decision of Government to respond to the arrival of the Covid Pandemic with Lockdowns and all the related measures that it has which have supercharged the final stages or end game of this economic system, as it is propelled to a place called stop.

So much money has been created in the past eighteen months that it has made a complete mockery of the system and given the lie to the whole thing.

Everyday people are waking up to the reality that banks do not lend us other people’s savings when we borrow. We can now see that all the money washing around in the system has been created out of thin air by people who think they can keep doing this over and over again without the people who will have to deal with the fall out from such stupidity – the public – ever having any kind of choice.

The establishment solution: Take things to the extreme(s)

Even this week, as we watched wholesale electricity prices go through the roof, we had a Minister from the Johnson Government telling us that the level of National Debt that they have created will simply be paid off when the UK Economy grows.

What George Freeman failed to mention is the slight of hand and manipulation of figures and statistics this approach relies on to succeed and that it only works if they continue to print money in order to devalue that which is already owed.

This is neoliberal economics and MMT taken to its extreme and this thinking is more likely to resemble the impact of fiscal policy of the Weimar Republic in the 1920’s than anything else we have previously seen.

Flip to the other side of this two-edged sword and you have the subtle, but increasingly socialist if indeed not Marxist ideologies that paradoxically seem to be also gaining fervour within the wider establishment.

Socialist idealism has been increasingly evident in the totalitarian approach to Lockdowns that this Conservative Government has imposed. Ironically it is being championed ideologically by the World Economic Forum – a talking shop for the world’s elite that is even more out of touch with the realities of life for the masses than our elected MPs are. It certainly has no concept of the consequences of the changes that it wants to use the changing situation to encourage governments across the world to impose.

To observe the complexity of all the different things going on, it would be very easy to suggest that political ideology and its responding practical forms have been ripped up, mixed up and have somehow merged together and remerged in a very blurred and messy middle. It would certainly offer another explanation of why there is no difference between any of the Political Parties that we have, and why all MPs and politicians now sound exactly the same.

However, such assumptions are also a little lazy. So, if you instead visualise the whole system as being like a circle rather than sitting laterally along a left-to-right line, you can see that the political classes and their approach have completely missed the real middle ground where policies that work for all would be located and have instead headed to the opposite pole where the real extremes of their thinking lie and somewhat bizarrely have now begun to significantly overlap.

Popular as it has become for the so-called ‘mainstream’ politicians and activists to belittle single issue political groups and parties by branding them ‘extreme’, it is the mainstream politicians and the political parties that enable them that have moved their ideologies and therefore the position of Government to the extreme, whilst leaving the electorate and smaller business sectors that don’t have the ear of politicians behind.

The true middle ground (or current political no-man’s land)

What the political classes have missed time and time again and over this period of decades, is the point that good politics and the decision making that comes with it is based upon care and consideration for the needs and requirements of all of our fellow men.

Looking after non-domestic personal and community need is of course what government and public services were created to provide for, and they work incredibly well when decisions are made fairly, equitably, considerately and minded of the best interests of the community and all.

It is a long time since UK Government was really driven in a politically altruistic way – indeed if it ever really has been properly done so before.

What we have had instead has been grades or various shades of self-interest taking the lead, where the perceived need to guarantee the result of the next election and to service the needs of either the organisations that fund the political parties or alternatively the ones who have the power that make weak minded politicians afraid have taken over all practical priorities. It is on this basis that decades of legislation governing life and the running of the UK have been made.

At a time when there really is so much discontent amongst the populous and even within our social media streams too, you would be forgiven for thinking that this fertile seedbed of currently disenfranchised political support would be seen for the potential to facilitate political change that it is. Yet the only answers that anyone has are as polarised as the politicians and the political parties that they would like to see removed.

It is within the real middle ground of British Politics – if you can even call it that – where the answers to all our political and economic problems lie. And all we need to do is harness the information, life stories and real-world thinking that exists there with limitless potential, to overturn this political situation and take the future of this Country and the influence we can have for the benefit of the world in a very different way.

There is no contemporary form of political thinking present within the public sphere today – whether it be political parties, movements, organisations or individuals with a public platform – who are talking about or even alluding to doing things like this or in a joined-up way that brings people together, rather than polarising or alienating others they disagree with or openly hate in some way.

A New Party For All

Yes, of course there is room for many of the people already within the political sphere to think differently, just like the majority of the electorate will do so, if there are treated differently, like the thinking and responsible adults that they are, and are reached out to and engaged in a very different way to that which they are used to.

The trouble is that of the many people – some of them very well-known public names – who could be coming together to make the start necessary for what we now need – there are simply too many competing ideas. Too many ‘my experience is more real than theirs’. Too many people who believe the system works and operates in the same way that they see it. There are too many egos, and they are all competing in the same room.

All of the experiences that people have had are relevant. Their experiences are important. Their voices deserve to be heard.

Leadership is about bringing together and making sense of those voices. Yet what we have in Government and amongst all those who could so something about the problems we are facing, they believe that only their voice is important and as such, is reflective of the one that we should all have.

It is no longer enough to tell people that they are important. You have to show them how.

Outside of Government where the ability already lies to legislate and make life better for everyone in so many different ways, the only way to show that difference, the ability to engage and demonstrate just how important each and everyone is, is to reach out to people and make their voices real in a way that the political class of today is simply not equipped for and never will.

A New Party For All that is built from the grassroots up, making local voices and concerns matter, is the only way that the alternative to what we have and the new movement for political and governmental change across the UK can begin.

There has to be a central hub as there must be a national voice or point of reference, so that A New Party For All is taken seriously from the start. But the power to influence the wide range of policy areas that must ALL be considered key, must be passed to people right down at community level in a way that they will know that even if they do not get their perfect outcome, the views and experience that they shared contributed to and were considered in whatever becomes the final, balanced and fair-to-all choice.

No. This is not impossible, and it is easier than it may sound. But it takes the will of enough people to turn the way politics is being done on its head, so that our collective destiny and the future of this Country and the generations to come can be turned right around.

Openness is essential, as the cultural zeitgeist is pushing us all in a very different way. Hiding ourselves and our dialogue behind secure walls where we cannot be reached just tells others that we are not prepared to engage and that rather than consider their views and discuss what works for us all, we want to be just like the political culture we have already and present what we want as the only option that everyone else must choose.

The middle ground that politicians have spent so much time avoiding us, is where we must go to establish the genesis of change. We only need a basic organisational structure to go there and by doing so, we will quickly be rewarded with the support of people who will have come from right across the existing political spectrum, who are ready and waiting for someone or something to present them with a real alternative choice.


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