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A New Party For All – Website Launch

Hi Everyone,

Those of you who follow and read the Blogs that I regularly write will be aware that I have often talked about an alternative to the Politicians and the Political Class that we have currently got.

In recent months and as the stupidity of the Government has begun to manifest into real problems for everyone, I have mentioned the idea or concept of ‘A New Party For All’ a number of times.

When I stepped away from one of the three well-known political party groups in September 2013, I knew that I would lose my Council Seat. But I had to make it clear that party policy, backroom political deals and self-interest were not the way to provide public representation and that the needs of the Electorate must always come first – no matter how challenging for politicians that might seem.

Regrettably for us all, the problems I was aware of then that are present at all levels of Government and throughout the Public Sector have not improved. In fact, those problems have got significantly worse. And the Johnson Government response to Covid has amplified or sped up those problems and a deteriorating situation and made a coming crisis that was always going to be bad, a hell of a lot worse.

Being the political anorak that I quietly am, I have followed what the Government has been doing since the Covid Pandemic began. I even started writing Blogs about how the decisions that the Johnson Government were taking were not the only options available, and that there were always alternative ways to handle this Pandemic that would be fairer to us all, and not be damaging to the UKs already precarious financial situation in anything like the same way.

As the month rolled by, the number of people who were awake to what was really going on and how much damage was being done to lives and to the whole Country without any need or obligation to do so started to rise.

But nobody has come up with the solutions or the different approach and way of looking at everything that is wrong and deals with the practical and political realities of what it will take to deliver change, and that the key factor will always be creating a political alternative to the three well known political parties that can fight a General Election against all of them and then win.

The cost to us all of not having a credible alternative to the three well known political parties will be very serious indeed.

Fuel Shortages, Driver Shortages, rapidly rising Energy Bills and all the things that are happening around us right now are really just the start.

We need to think differently and I’m glad to say that there is definitely a different way.

But instead obsessing about who leads, who is the voice, whose ideas are right, whose ideas are wrong or who has to be in charge, we must all accept that it is what is in the best interests of us all that must be the one and only driver and the one and only voice.

There is a lot of pain coming to the UK. Things are not going to be the same as they were at any time we can remember before.

Life will change for us all and we all have a part to play in making the very best of that change. But voting for whichever one of the three well-known political parties says all the right things at the next General Election will not be enough. Because with them, the more they change, the more they stay the same. Their words are illusion and voting for them is an elephant trap that will guarantee more pain for all the same people, for up to 5 years more.

It is not inevitable that the next Government will be Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or made up of some kind of mix of the three. But it will happen if we do not take responsibility for creating the alternative that we want, and they are doing all that we can or feel able to do so, to give it our full support.

We cannot change the future to one that will be better for everyone if we focus on single issues and think that is enough to give our very diverse population any kind of meaningful choice.

Today I have launched a website called A New Party For All, where I have begun to publish a range of Policies – not as the end product, but so there is a place for the conversation, dialogue and therefore the change to begin.

Whoever you are and whatever your politic affiliations or beliefs, please spare the time to visit, to read, to get in touch or comment, to go back to your friends, families and social media platforms and share.

If we do not seize the opportunity now and take the proactive steps and measures that the way politics tells us that we now should, we will be stuck with nothing but the same when the next General Election comes.

We have an opportunity to be the empowerment of a new way of being in this Country, to fix all the problems we have and to build a system of government that provides public services that always have the end user in mind, just as it always should.

Best wishes to all,



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