There is no alternative to the Government we’ve got: Yet.

There’s a lot of frustration and a lot of disquiet about the mess we are in. But nobody is joining up the dots where it comes to what needs to happen next…

A New Party For All is a work in progress. But it is a starting point too.

We’ve just launched this Website and published a growing number of policies so that we can help to create and build a conversation, discussion and debate about what the British Political landscape will need to resemble, and the kind of policies that it will be required to champion and implement, IF We are to collectively experience the kind of change and future that will genuinely work during this very challenging time that we are now in and as we meet the issues that lie ahead.

A New Party For All isn’t here to compete against anyone or any other group or organisation that is already flagging, discussing or even challenging issues that people now face. A New Party For All is here, because none of the people or groups who are discussing or challenging those issues are joining up the dots, dealing with the realities of this situation that are hiding in plain sight, or even paying lip service to the very different and for some counterintuitive approach that turning all of this on its head and winning against the establishment will now take.

If you are one of those people who has had enough of the Johnson Government and everything the political culture that feeds it has allowed them to do and inflict upon us all over the past 19 months since the Covid Pandemic began, it could well be very clear to you that the way to solve the problems we face – like vaccine passports or threats of further lockdowns – can be solved by simply overturning the decisions that Politicians have already made.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. And as you then look at things like fuel shortages, the growing number of empty shelves, the threat of energy prices going up hundreds of pounds, driver shortages and many other problems that are starting to emerge, you might begin to see that the one element or theme that is common to them all is that it is the politicians we have today or people in recent decades who have been just like them who are linked to all of it, in the middle of it and always somehow involved.

These problems are only going to get worse. And the challenges that we face as a Country and as Communities don’t stop there.

In fact, people like you and I are experiencing problems each and every day that are being glossed over, ignored and in the majority of cases actually made worse by the incompetent nature and stupidity of the political class that runs everything from the top to bottom of government. Only made worse by the way our media works tirelessly to push and further the accepted establishment narrative and ignores the realities of the many different lives that we experience, whilst prioritising the stories and agendas that will inevitably end up rewarding the same few.

This ‘machine’ is so powerful, that we have long since passed the point when people outside the sphere of political influence at Westminster and even in local Councils could speak up and make any of these people change direction or reconsider what they do or even say.

It is because of this that getting real change to happen means that we cannot continue to keep believing that the UKs political system will do anything to serve us effectively if we continue to behave as it wants us to – in exactly the same way.

What you feel, what you think and what you have to say about the decisions other people make that have an effect on your life and the way that you experience it are very important. Your voice should never be taken for granted. Your voice should never be ignored.

People who work in, run and are closely aligned in their thinking with the establishment and everything that this political culture does have nothing to gain by doing anything or allowing anything to happen which could disrupt or remove their own influence upon what is a gravy train for many, and a very lucrative way of being for more than a few.

So making your voice heard again and ensuring that decisions on public policy will be made that will address the questions you have and make sense of the problems that you have in a way that will make a difference to you, means that we all have to think differently about how we go forward, so that it is our collective voice that starts to do the talking across the country, rather than us continuing to feel and assume that we are all divided, in a way that perpetrates the myth that we are being represented well by the self-serving few.

Nobody else is going to do all the work that needs to be done for us. We all have to play a part if real change and not just more propaganda and bullshit is what we really now want.

And NOW is when we need to begin making the difference and then commit to doing all that is necessary to achieve it too.

To have an alternative at the next General Election, that is credible and connects with enough of us so that it wins majority support, WE have to begin working to create and build that alternative RIGHT NOW.

When the next General Election is called, it will simply be too late.

The Conservative Party doesn’t even represent conservatism anymore. In fact, the only ‘ism’ that any of the existing political parties including Labour and the Liberal Democrats now represent is ‘Anythingism’. It literally means that they will do anything to make sure that they secure your vote. They will literally tell you anything they have to, because to them power is everything and to keep it, anything goes.

WE have to change today, if we want our experiences to change tomorrow. And this means focusing on the many things that we have in common, rather than continually remaining divided by what is only a few.

WE can only do this if we look beyond the disagreements that we seem to have in public, made worse by the behaviour of politicians, the media and the narratives that they are pushing, which in many cases are convincing people we would normally love to share a pint with or share a walk with that we are a threat to them and that anyone who doesn’t agree with us must be punished because a different view means that they can only be wrong.

WE now need to talk about and share our experiences of all the issues that we now face. Different issues are priorities for different people. And it is by recognising that the different issues that are important to different people are just as important and need to addressed as if they were just as important to each of us, that we will become the effective voice as the many and remove the monopoly of the few.

A New Party For All is here to be the start of that process. It is a hand reaching out to invite all of us to come together and tackle the issues and to agree on OUR plans for the future – ALL IN ONE PLACE.

The focus of A NEW PARTY FOR ALL isn’t about the method, who’s in charge or what philosophies we are going to follow. It’s about identifying the aims and our destination, giving us the opportunity to recognise all the great things that we have in common, so that we are then led only by doing everything by first identify not what is easy or works just for us, but what works best for everyone and no matter how hard it is to do, that we do it because it is what is right.

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