Boris led the creation of legitimised madness made manifest by lockdown rules. Hindsight and ‘that’s not what I meant’ are no Get Out Of Jail Free Card when everyone else has done the time

If stories are to believed, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie are currently bewildered and have no idea what all the fuss about their Downing Street parties are all about.

Meanwhile the headlines on todays papers tell us that in the face of (just one) possible world crisis, we have lost all sense of proportion. As if it is only now, after two years of Covid and everything before, that it was possible for the Media to realise this is now our truth.

Whichever way you look at the situation the Prime Minister is in, the only conclusion it is possible to reach is that he is unsuited to do the job.

Yes, it would be quite possible to make the argument that his behaviour and actions were the result of his interpretation of the rules that he imposed. After all, interpretation of the rules, regulations and laws is the rather questionable way that each and every part of government and the public sector currently works.

The problem with that for Johnson, is that he is responsible for them. It means that he either didn’t understand them, had not thought through what they would mean for others in practice, or that he simply didn’t care what they would mean for anyone else because its one rule for us and a completely different one for him.

If his overriding or umbrella excuse is that he wasn’t told as he suggested was the case in his interview with Sky News’ Beth Rigby last week, the inference is that he actually doesn’t know or understand any of the rules, policies and laws that have been bludgeoned into being over the past two years whilst he has been PM.

Stupidity is excusable for everyone in situations they don’t have a grip on, or don’t have the experience to understand. But for a PM, MP or anyone for that matter who has actively sought election to a public office and the responsibility to others that goes with it, there is no excuse for not being up to the job.

Policy mistakes made with the right intentions and with full consideration of all the facts are one thing. But blunders made repeatedly and behaviour that demonstrates lack of ability, suitability, motivation and the presence of the integrity essential to carry out the role are another entirely.

Whether intended or not, we have had to live with the Covid Measures that have been imposed upon us by this Conservative Government at varying degrees for the best part of two years.

Many normal people have ‘interpreted’ the rules themselves just so that they could function daily or basically to remain sane.

Yet when ‘caught’ by overzealous public servants who might otherwise have exercised a little more humility in the circumstances – but didn’t because of how seriously we were all led to believe these measures were needed by the media and those at the top, these innocent people were sanctioned with what we all know to have been excessive fines and penalties. All because the public have diligently trusted the competency of the politicians that rule us and not least of all Boris in No.10.

There simply is no excuse for what Boris and those around him have done – or for the many other errors in judgment that those who should have been looking out for us instead of themselves have made. Regrettably, many of these have as yet to become publicly obvious and linked to their ineptitude as the cause.

And herein lies the bigger problem that we face whether Johnson goes today or whenever that might be.

There isn’t any politician in the Cabinet or in Parliament today – not on any side of the Political divide – who will be any different.

Not one of them can honestly say that they will exercise every decision they make either in public or behind closed doors, always  exercising the caveat that the best interests of the wider British Public MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST.


One thought on “Boris led the creation of legitimised madness made manifest by lockdown rules. Hindsight and ‘that’s not what I meant’ are no Get Out Of Jail Free Card when everyone else has done the time

  1. Dear Adam

    Many thanks for your post. You say “Many normal people have ‘interpreted’ the rules themselves just so that they could function daily or basically to remain sane.” I don’t know how many people truly did this properly.

    I have been physically unwell for nearly 4 years now, but eventually in summer 2020 I double checked the website and realised that, despite the misleading daily briefings, it was all guidance. It says so on the website.

    I therefore did this post which might assume you if you are at a loose end.

    And whilst Boris is a buffoon, he did know exactly what he was doing, it is all staged. And he did not, as far as I can see break any of the so-called rules because there weren’t any as such, merely guidance. Which is why the whole things is a farce. The nation by and large fell for it as people will not bother to double check their brains let alone the website.

    People locked themselves down by and large and it is as much their own fault as is is the governments’. Of course people had to deal with mass stupidity, especially in the NHS and police as I did which made life extremely difficult, but then little Hitlers always have to be stood up to or totalitarianism the result.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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