Stupid is only stupid, depending on who or where you are

The lies, glory-seeking, self-interest and complete lack of awareness of this political class would be massively entertaining, if the outcome of their absence from any form of reality – other than their own – weren’t so serious for us all.

We are, after all seemingly predisposed to mock or scorn those people we meet socially who talk absolute rubbish and get tired very quickly of those who behave stupidly in the workplace. People whose inability to join up the dots in their work or life can very quickly have an impact on our own.

It’s a rather odd situation we find ourselves in, where for some reason we believe that the people we have elevated to positions of authority will always be different and could never be the same.

The problem that we have, is that they most certainly are. In fact, in terms of just how stupid and out-of-touch anyone can really be, the people we have in our Parliament and running the Country today take the somehow accepted view that stupid is only stupid, depending on who or where you are into a completely different league.

Politicians from all sides of a very broken system have created the mess that we are now in and the problems that we are only now beginning to face.

They have done so over a period of decades – and not only since the Covid Pandemic began, with self-serving-decision on top of self-serving-decision slowly creating more and more problems with a cumulative effect.

The writing is on the wall, yet they remain oblivious to it all.


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