The Blairs, Majors, Browns and Heseltines need to shut up and butt out. They caused enough chaos during their own time, without making the unfolding travesty any worse within ours

In recent days, weeks and months, we have seen the reemergence of many of the political dinosaurs, taking to their soap boxes to give interviews and speeches proselytizing everything that is wrong, and what in their wisdom we should do now.

If we’d have had a political leader and Prime Minister within living memory who had done all the right things and delivered everything good for this Country that they could, we might now be looking back longingly at their tenure and be wishing that we could call on them to return to public service – knowing that on their track record alone, there would be a good chance that they could pick up and run with the mess that this current political class has made, sort it all out and do some good too.

Whilst such a situation might exist as some future time, it is a very long way from now.

What we don’t need as we face the abys of a systemic collapse and time of massive crisis and change ahead, are any of the wannabe clowns from the past, who have each contributed to the creation of the circus we are witnessing in some way, returning from the depths and giving us the benefit of yet another performance – as if it’s just another annual visit to the same old town.

It has been said in the media recently that every political career ends in failure. But I’m not sure I would agree that is true.

For if we had Politicians who were in our Parliament and in our Councils for all the right reasons, there is little doubt that doing right is what they would actually do.

When politicians are genuinely able, public-serving leaders, they will inevitably leave a legacy behind them that was not manufactured by design. But by the results of what they do.

If the time should come when we experience what true leadership actually looks and more importantly feels like for us all, rather than a continuation of this age of tokenism that benefits the few, then we might need the voices of the past to revisit us to ensure that we secure our future once more.

In the meantime, if voices from the past have nothing helpful to bring to the table, it would be better for us all if they had good manners enough to remain obscured from view.


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