No Rishi, you don’t solve financial problems your Government created that are your responsibility to fix by forcing those experiencing them into debt

Greed, stupidity and the rampant hunger for wealth and power are the root cause of the financial and economic crisis. It might only be the poor right now, but it’s a massive problem that we are all soon going to face.

Politicians are elected and given the responsibilities that they hold, on the understanding that they will address the problems that society faces. Not that they will create more, or make the problems we face even worse.

Yet creating problems and making them worse is exactly what this political class has done.

Creating problems for us is what this political class is still doing.

And in terms of the cost-of-living crisis and the damage the mass spending spree and money printing binge that Rishi Sunak embarked on two years ago, his input and stupidity currently tops them all.

So it is ironic in a very dark and troubling way, that with the rate of inflation he helped to create now out of control, and prices for the goods and services that people need daily to survive, heading skywards and into the clouds, the Chancellor’s solution to bridging the gap between what people have and what people need to address only the obscene rise in energy bills – is to give us a loan.

Yes, a loan. A loan that doesn’t solve the problem. A loan that will still make it impossible to pay the bills each month. A loan, that for many, without help of other kinds or taking on other forms of potentially very harmful debt, will be impossible to pay back even in instalments each month.

Sunak, his Tory chums and politicians from all sides before them have created the mess that the Country is now in.

Politicians have given big business free reign to monopolise what are essential public services and supplies, then legislated to make it legal and pave the way for them to charge and make profit however they like.

With the volume of free money that the Government has pumped into pockets across the economy over the past two years under his stewardship as Chancellor, Sunak has given a green light to all kinds of big business to charge a whole lot more. And they are now doing so, knowing that our incompetent political class think there will be no consequences to simply printing more.

The reality is that however clever our politicians think, and their advisors tell them that they are, they cannot hide the creation of money on the scale they have been printing it in statistics and future figures such as GDP.

The consequences of dodging reality are now there for all to see. Imposed borrowing would only work for those who can afford the monthly payments, IF there were a guarantee that things would now stay exactly the same, inflation disappeared and things could not get any worse.

That guarantee simply does not exist. And as the Tory lack of appreciation of what budgeting to survive when you live in poverty and are already going hungry already shows, this ex-banker Chancellor, who desperately wants to be PM and has absolutely no concept of what an extra £10 a week in relative terms actually means, is about to push many families over a financial cliff. When its actually his responsibility to pull the poorest back up to a level playing field, and where a gap still exists to give them a bridge.

Tackling the vested interests head on and returning ownership of any service which is essential for everyone to live back into a new form of public ownership, is the only way that the problems like the energy crisis can be solved in the long term.

Because for as long as private interests and profit remain involved, the priority will always be making more money and not keeping the vulnerable and the poor out of the cold.


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