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Is Ukraine a diversion? It might be yes; but diversions only succeed when everyone misses whatever passes them by. They don’t work when you are about to be hit by a bus

So, the latest news this morning is that both the US and UK Governments are telling their respective citizens to get out of Ukraine this weekend using commercial flights.

Some news streams are suggesting that a Russian invasion could be imminent. Others are saying Wednesday next week. Nobody really knows if any of this will turn out to be right.

Conspiracy theorists are naturally having a field day. Based upon the past 25 years of Western History, the War on Terror and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq add a tanker load of petrol to the explosive theory that most wars are now a great big ruse that capitalist strategists dreamt up.

Let’s face it, the idea that a Russian Invasion of Ukraine has been orchestrated by ‘world powers’ to take our attention away from the impending financial crisis and market crash would certainly be supported by the timing.

As we can see by all the things that Boris is doing to take attention away from the Partygate scandal, a massive war at the gateway to Europe that could easily be seen to draw us all in, would certainly provide cover for the elites. Especially when every problem they have created over recent decades arrives at once and is set to out the secret about who they really are.

So, there we have it. Sounds like a rock-solid conspiracy as conspiracies go. And the funny thing is that in terms of how our stupid and self-serving political classes operate, the idea that they would kick off what could easily become World War 3, could very easily contain a very small element of truth.

Yet no matter how clever political ruses or diversions might actually turn out to be, the consequences for everyone who has their reality changed or affected in some way will inevitably turn out to be the same. And that certainly isn’t to say that those at the centre of it all who are misusing their power and influence will always walk away from it all scot-free.

As I have now written in two different blogs about Ukraine in recent weeks, it would be extremely stupid for the UK to become involved in a war in Ukraine. We should be under no illusion that colluding to set one off politically equates to pretty much the same thing.

If we were not already on the verge of a systemic collapse at the tail end of a worldwide pandemic which has been completely mishandled by our political classes and the elites, a war of this kind would certainly take focus away from just about anything and everything else that was going on.

But as things really are today, and with the cost-of-living crisis picking up speed for a start, the difficulties and pain that just about everyone will soon experience will not be lightened or put into some manageable perspective, just because of the heightened fear that the Russians might respond with a nuclear bomb.

In fact, the calamitous impact on the world economy, supply chains and just about everything else from a war in Europe would probably make everything that is already going wrong, exponentially worse.

Yes, a war could certainly be used as a perverse political trojan horse in an attempt to hide the origins and true causes of what is to come. But with things about to be as bad as they are, any deliberate intent on the part of the political classes will soon prove itself to be futile overreach. As the core problems that their ideas and mismanagement for decades have created at the centre of everything are simply too big to be hidden by or blamed on conflict or a war.

The most interesting thing about all of this, is the rather strange idea or suggestion that the Russians are massing 130,000 personnel on the borders of Ukraine simply to carry out the West’s bidding. And that there is no perceived benefit to them or their Chinese Allies by pushing the World either to the brink or into a war all over again.

However special our Western leaders really think themselves to be, their driver is little more than self-interests and stupidity, which an outdated system of misplaced public deference has allowed them to hide, whilst they thrive. All the time creating a bigger and bigger mess that somebody else will ultimately be forced to clean up.

Conspiracy or not, a war in Ukraine will have implications for us all that nobody ever intended.

If the idiots leading the West really are hoping that things are about to kick off so that they can hide all their own mistakes and what may well be the legitimised but otherwise  criminal acts they have already committed, we’d better hope that the Russians have a lucid moment and quickly step back from the brink.

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