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If Labour supporters voted Conservative in 2019 just to keep Jeremy Corbyn out, the Johnson Tories implementation of policies which are even more left wing will ensure the Tories won’t get back in

Everyone loved Boris at the time of the December 2019 General Election. Or at least, that was certainly the myth.

Buffoonery or not, Boris was the very best of a wholly bad deal when it came to the Conservative Party Leadership Election that came in the months before.

There was inevitable concern for some, about what would happen if a crisis were to occur which would prove to be a real test. But what can you do when the doors of our Parliament have been bolted shut to anyone who we could genuinely rely on to lead us through any mess?

So, when I say the best, I really mean that in the sense that Boris Johnson really was the best we could hope for from any of the politicians that we had in Parliament then. Since then, nothing has changed and there is nothing different to say about any of them now.

Like most things going on in politics today, the story that we are being led to believe about everything our politicians, the Boris myth, or rather the story, is only surface deep.

The reality or realities that underpin the 2019 Tory Majority, really aren’t that cut and dried. And with polling being yet again discussed that indicates Labour Voters supported the Tories – not because they liked Boris, but because they wanted to jeep a Corbyn-led government from getting in, the problems that the Tories face at the next General Election won’t stop at the so-called Red Wall Seats. The problems could now manifest wherever Labour have won the Seat before.

As the Prime Minister sets off on yet another week of publicity seeking visits around the UK to try and distance himself from the disaster which was of his own making that we now know as Partygate, the reality both he and the Conservative Party faces is that the history of what they have imposed on all of us and all they have done over the past two years in their totalitarian and self-serving response to the Covid Pandemic will not be offset by yet another spending spree that they have cynically this time labelled ‘Levelling Up’.

Its not that there isn’t an imbalance at work that is now touching each and every part of our society. There most certainly is. And its only going to get worse through experiences like the cost-of-living crisis, that the actions of our inept politicians are only making even worse.

The problem is that the imbalance that needs to be levelled across the Country, isn’t one that can be solved by spending money. It requires real leadership, top to bottom reform of everything that politics and the public sector touches, and ultimately it relies on changing the way that we are all being conditioned to think.

Politicians on all sides neglect the ability of any voter to think and understand what is going on around them, Even though that understanding often manifests itself as something visceral, rather than conscious thinking that can be elucidated. And in many cases, it will never even be known to anyone else, save for the way that they next decide to vote.

People of all sides of the existing voting traditions are very unhappy with what they have personally experienced as well as all that they have now seen.

In the absence of the new grassroots or bottom-to-top orientated movement, we are damned to have to choose our next Government from a pool of politicians that will inevitably give us more of the same, whether it has Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or SNP in its name.

Johnson could only win another General Election  as Prime Minister if he can convince everyone that he will still be the best of that very bad deal and the fact is that with the contempt he has shown for normal people and the restriction of freedom he has unnecessarily imposed upon them, whilst all the time not even being aware that he has been laughing at them all loudly behind their back, the chances are that those days are well and truly done.

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