London Bridge is falling down: The behavior of younger Royals shows the days of unquestioned power and patriarchy are over and this kind of monarchy will die with the Queen

We are experiencing great times of change, even if we don’t realise or accept it.

Many may not yet be joining up the dots, but there are links between the behaviour of the politicians and establishment figures, who have between them created the mess and mass of problems that lie for us ahead, and the issues that the once revered Royal Family now faces.

These issues have all been created by self-interest and the abuse of privilege, responsibility and power, that has gone to their heads.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the second sons within the next two generations of the Royal Family, Princes Andrew and Harry have between them managed to create such a stink. And now, even Prince Charles has another finger pointing at himself, given the way that he appears to have allowed the privilege of his position to be manipulated to raise funds for his Foundation by taking Cash for honours.

As a society, we’ve forgotten who we really are. Whilst there have always been people in the world who fall into the trap of abusing the power that they have, a time when values have meant so little, and material wealth, personal gain and enhanced enjoyment have meant so much to so many has probably not existed like it does right now, at any time before.

There is a massive and prolonged cost that those riding this wave are incurring for everyone.

Nobody can create value from nothing and award it only to themselves or those like them, without there being consequences for others, and therefore for us all.

Money, behaviour; it doesn’t matter. There are always consequences to every action as a result of the choices that we make. Effects are never the cause.

Privilege has always brought with it a requirement for a very clear understanding of the responsibility that accompanies it.

Whilst the roles and responsibility of the Royal Family of today and those of the past may appear very different in the modern age, the roles that our current Royals have been born to have also remained very much the same.

The Queens greatest success is due in no small part to the fact that even at points when her Reign has been in trouble, she has always respected and remained true to the distance between people living normal lives and the Crown. It is the myth that has until now pretty much defined her role.

The Queen has accepted that the role of a monarch carries with it a peculiar form of magic. One that relies on everyone from outside of that mysterious bubble and those that understand it not ever being able to see or be able to make comparisons with the comparatively ‘normal’ life they have of their own.

Indeed, even those who suspect or understand the normality and parallels that sit behind the reality that a King or a Queen are still human, shouldn’t ever have to question the existence of the monarch. Because apart from public appearances, the entire world of the monarchy is or rather should be kept behind closed doors.

In the past, Royal Princes led and fought wars, and when it came to any form of exuberance, the world of lords, ladies and the landed gentry contained all of their shenanigans within their clique. Thereby keeping anything that would expose the reality that Royals are just the same, very much within a pair of very safe hands.

But the world has changed rapidly in the past Century. Particularly since Elizabeth II was Crowned as our Queen.

Whilst Her Majesty has kept this form of Monarchy alive for 70 years, this is due to her having not having her values set completely skewed by change and the modern age. It is because she has shone through and remained overwhelmingly true to principles that remind us all quietly of what once was.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of Prince Harry her grandson, or Prince Andrew or Prince Charles, her sons.

Unfortunately, what all three have in common with everyone else, as demonstrated through the recent events and stories that will help to define them, is they have so much already, but want more and more.

The problem for the three of them is that wealth and privilege has also evolved as a concept over the past 70 years. It has become very different to what it previously was and what Royal conditioning has clearly led them to believe it to be.

The era of invented money and manufactured wealth has corrupted the thinking of many. Whether directly or indirectly, our population is being manipulated and used by those who have power to create money at will. The greedy and influential few have built a great castle in the clouds with foundations built upon a myth that will stop working the moment the majority of us finds out.

With it has come the epoch of distraction, that cynically suits the purposes of those ‘in charge’. Under philosophies that have been employed by the elites since the time of the Romans, we are being enslaved under a premise of ‘give them bread and circuses’.

Low-cost money (credit) and every entertainment conceivable are thrown at us continuously, whilst we are literally being farmed for the interest that debt provides. All the while, this obsessive distraction quite literally contains the revolt that would occur tomorrow morning if everyone were to wake up to what has been going on.

You would have hoped that those in positions of assumed or automatic deference would know better than to get high on their own supply. But when it comes to the younger Royals, they most certainly do not.

Whilst Andrew’s defining crime in the public mind will be his having sex with a young girl who was trafficked to put her at his whim, it was in all likelihood his own greed and desire to attain more that put him at the mercy of people who had a much darker understanding of how the higher powers in the current world work.

Meanwhile, Harry has been led by the nose by an American climber who does little more than exude me me me wherever she goes. Together, they show zero respect for how anything they see beneath them and the way that age-old traditions work. It now appears they believe that almost anything can be bought, and anything that cannot (such as the support of the British Public) isn’t worth bothering about.

Then there is Charles, whose resentment at having to wait so long to become the next King seems to have bubbled for decades. He has managed to keep his desire to usurp the peaceful way that our current relationship with the monarchy works for the past few years. But his desire for monarchy to be done his way cannot be far from the surface. It may well be proven to have been demonstrated very well with him having fallen fowl of the system of deference where honours should have real meaning as a benchmark that so-called lesser mortals can look up to and believe in. Honours should never have become some kind of hierarchical qualification that can be bought corruptly then bestowed at whim.

Through their actions, these three ‘royal princes’ have destroyed the myth that has already given them such gilded lives.

Whilst there are few of us – even within republican ranks – who could find traction in our thoughts and words to speak out against the tenure of our Great Queen Elizabeth II, it is becoming ever clearer that the end of her Reign will inevitably precipitate the UK Monarchy’s fall.

Even without what we have recently seen from younger Royals, the way the world is changing and will now change as hierarchical structures come to fall, dictates that the existence of a family that ‘rules over us’ for no reason other than some archaic birthright, is now at an end.

Nothing should be taken for granted. The future of the new monarchy that follows Queen Elizabeth II Reign can only continue to exist on very clear and unbreakable terms. These must include the acceptance that deference is no longer any member of the Royal Family’s by right.

No. We may not jump straight to a republican structure of governance once the Queen has gone. But the reality is that the time has come for our monarchy to become nothing more than the civic symbol that it really is. Any form of power and special privilege that it attracts from our system of government, or the public purse should now be returned.

Our very wise and knowing Queen is already taking the steps necessary to pave the way for what comes next.

But while the Queen may be doing all that she can to smooth the passage of her Platinum Year – and perhaps her passing very soon too, her legacy will be her Reign and all that it gave us.

The Queen cannot determine or secure the future of her children or grandchildren, and she has no right to do so.

Once the falling London Bridge is finally down, the British Monarchy – or what’s left of it will have to take its place within a more egalitarian world – just like everyone else.


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