Boris is not your saviour. The last place we need him and the political class around him is bigging themselves up on a world stage, when everything they touch inevitably breaks

It suits a corrupt and self-serving political class for us all to have short memories and to be only interested in the issues that we can see or feel.

The Past 48 hours have seen the arrival of one of the greatest memory lapses ever. Many of those voices who have spoken out continuously over the past 18 months against lockdowns and Covid Measures have suddenly switched talk. They are applauding Boris Johnson’s release of all the remaining measures, as if nothing happened at any point in the past before.

Yes, there are some who are still talking about the issues that have been created by the incompetent and self-serving politicians that we have. But they are suddenly very few in number.

The sad reality is, now we have been given bank the freedoms that were wrongly taken from us, too many people are looking at Boris Johnson and his cabinet with eyes and understanding that suggests the only decision and action these very stupid politicians have taken that matters, is the last.

In fact, not only does it seem to be the case that all things COVID feel like they have instantaneously disappeared this week. We now have our inept Prime Minister acting up and behaving like he’s a legend over Ukraine on the world stage.

We would do well to remember just exactly what the Conservatives and the political culture that surrounds them have done to us all over the past two years.

Indeed, the majority of the outcomes or consequences of the highly questionable, unnecessary and totalitarian decisions they have taken, based on their own fears, have not even arrived for us to see or to feel YET.

The cost-of-living crisis is just one of the problems that they have helped to create. One that amongst many others is set to change not only how the UK functions, but how the world itself operates in the months, years and decades to come.

The problem that we all face, yet we are still blissfully unaware of, is that once the pain from what they have done finally hits us from whatever direction it will come, it is only then that we will realise that we still have the same stupid self-serving people in charge of the Country.

Only then will we realise just how much time we have wasted when we could have now been creating, developing, and building a political alternative that would mean something to everybody at the time the next General Election comes.

Regrettably when the effects of the problems that Johnson and his kind have caused have manifested to such a degree that the majority of us are feeling the pain, the chances are that the next General Election will follow very quickly. The only choices we will have on the ballot paper will then be the same as we have today, or for people and politicians who are just as stupid and self-serving and will make decisions that could easily prove to be even worse.

Top down must be replaced by grassroots and community up. Until we begin work and establish the dialogue that reminds everyone just how powerful and important they actually are, we will be damned to be led by regimes infested with incompetence. Incompetents masquerading as leaders of people who put themselves first and everyone else last.

You may believe that this weeks so called Freedom Day is all that we ever needed to achieve. When the reality is that all of the events happening this week represent little more than the first step of a very slow start.


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