Sanctions on Russia have become a political race to the bottom, without any care for the consequences of yet more group-think madness for us all

We may not realise it right now, but we are collectively engaged in a mass pile-in on Russia. A pile-on that is set to do a lot more harm to us and to this Country, than it will end up doing to Putin’s Regime and his Country, anytime soon.

The question of whether Putin should have invaded Ukraine and the way that Ukrainians are being treated by the Russian Military who are following his orders, isn’t justified by anything that Western leaders or NATO have done. But nor should we be deluding ourselves with the idea that the West has any moral superiority when it comes to either the influence or actions that have led to this unlawful invasion either.

The question of what happens next is very different. What we may not yet realise or fully appreciate is that the crusade against Russia – whatever the reason and motive we are ALL clambering for this may be – is not going to come without very significant cost to us all.

Why? Because the politicians and business leaders whose vested interests provoked Putin’s response, are also the same politicians and business leaders who have created the situation where the measures we are now cheering them on to take, pay no attention to the National vulnerability that their own self-serving actions over decades have helped create.

Just this morning, I have noted that the price of fuel has gone up on the garage forecourt that I use by 5p a Litre.

In terms of the financial impact of the financial meltdown and the systemic collapse now underway that the Ukraine-related sanctions are only adding fuel to, this is really just the start.

Stupidity based upon nothing more than greed has placed the UK and many other Western Countries at the whim and mercy of Countries such as Russia and China. We have been conditioned to believe that it was in our best (financial) interests for these dictatorships to have the power to supply all the goods and much of the energy sources that we actually need on a day-to-day basis, that we need and that in many cases are essential, just so that people and businesses can continue to exist.

Ironically, whilst we have been led to believe by the establishment narrative that is in our interests for these companies and the people behind then to do so, the pursuit of globalisation has also taken away jobs, communities and industries that we need. It has also come at massive cost to the environment, as consumerism and the interests that feed it have deliberately overused and chucked away resources that localism and ethical capitalism would never have required us to use.

But the worst thing to happen form all of this, is that we have lost the ability to function independently and securely as a Nation State.

It means that we have no control over prices or the influences that can be used very effectively against us and the very weak political leaders that we have, when we are dependent upon other countries for those supplies and services. Supplies and services that are essential to life and that we should have never allowed to be provided by any suppliers other than our own.

As has been the case with so many problems and issues – just as we have seen with the implementation of Covid Measures that better leaders would never have needed to impose – it is our inept and incompetent politicians who with the actions they are taking against Putin’s Russia, are yet again at the forefront of creating and this time adding to the chaos for us all that comes next.

With Russia being self-resourcing, but at the same time now being financially shut-down, there is a risk that the result of Western sanctions against them will come back at what is left of our financial system and markets after Covid and decades of establishment abuse. It will probably now prove to be the straw that breaks the camels back in just one very public, out of many alternative ways that the turning point could have proven to be.

The problem that so many of us fail to see, is that it doesn’t matter what the rights or the wrongs are of the situation (in Ukraine) that is now in our face.

Ukraine has only happened because the people we trust to run the country cannot be trusted when it comes to managing all the things going on that we cannot see.

Whilst we have been sleepwalking and distracted by the narratives that have been created to keep us busy, the vested interests just do whatever it is that they like.

We have not been aware of the damage they have been doing across the World – whilst all they do has been presented to the people and the countries they are damaging, as if these activities are being carried out legitimately in our name.

The politicians that we have leading the UK today are now engaged in what may prove to be the final act of pulling the rug from beneath our feet. They certainly have no appreciation of the laws of consequence and what they have set in motion that is yet to come.

It doesn’t matter what our politicians and the media that supports them tell us or what they blame it on. It will be their self-interest and their self-serving decisions – not Brexit, not Covid, not Ukraine, not Putin, not China – that has been the real cause.

When the moment arrives that you wake up from your slumber and begin to feel the real pain, don’t go looking to Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Reform UK, Reclaim or any of the others as an alternative to the Johnson Conservatives. Because they are all being led by and involve people who look at the world and think exactly the same.

Top-down must now become grassroots-up, if anything in the future for any of us is going to be either fair to everyone or is going to make sense.


Whether you believe in God, are an Atheist or call yourself Spiritual; change is coming. But you will need to meet it half way

Contrary to what our controlling political class would like us to believe, it is actually very healthy for us to be exposed to a wide range of different sources of information and views every day. The only caveat being that we either need to be taught to think critically as we read or listen, or need to accept that the only alternative to making an effort in choosing the information that we feed ourselves with, is to have accumulated enough life experience to filter it by default – with all that inevitably involves.

Being open to everything that is going on around us, and what it is that other people think – and therefore what makes them tick, should normally give anyone a very good grounding to get on with their own life. We are, after all, not the only person who exists.

Whatever your background may be, the one thing that we probably have in common today, is that in terms of the life that we are experiencing, the things that are going on in the world around us cannot continue to go on as they are.

Logical people simply see it as the system being dysfunctional and under unsustainable strain. For some people its just an ominous feeling that things aren’t adding up and cannot continue the same. For those who see themselves on a spiritual path, they believe that it is a time of awakening, when understanding and energy will rise up to a new level. But what they all have in common is the knowing that things as they are cannot remain the same.

Whether you are your own thought leader, or you listen or follow the words of others in the hope of bringing order to your life and the world, the trap that each and every one of us can all too easily fall into, is the idea that change of the kind that we now need, will just drop into our laps without us doing anything at all.

Change of the kind that is coming – that will follow what will ultimately be recognised as a systemic collapse – will only be possible because the people who have led us to this place do not understand the forces that they have unleashed and cannot control the process of change that will inevitably follow.

Each and every one of us will be required to accept a very different kind of lifestyle to what we have become accustomed to.

One that does not revolve around wealth, attainment or making money. But is based around values, appreciation, community and kindness to all.

No matter who it is that steps into the breach to lead us, once this self-serving political system that we have in place has met its fall, the solutions that work for everyone that they will then deliver, will be dependent for their success upon us all.

We all must change the way that we see our own world if we want the world around us to change too. And that is when the real change that we all know that we need will happen.

It is just the case that for it to succeed and be meaningful for us all, we all must uncover the meaning and meet it half way.

No Nigel, Net Zero isn’t EU Membership. Climate Change is not a single issue and playing political games with the establishment when we face systemic collapse is chicanery we can ill afford

I am grateful for the role that Nigel Farage played up to and including the EU Referendum Vote in June 2016, which we now recognise as the precursor of Brexit.

Regrettably, the establishment that had been beaten would never recognise the role that a pivotal player in the Anti-European Union Membership who was not one of their own had played in influencing the result, even though they were ultimately forced to accept at least the direction of travel that Farage’s voice had helped secure.

The fact remains that Farage should have been the first to have been elevated to the Lords before the many that subsequently have been who played comparatively very small parts. But I nonetheless suspect that with the power his self-assurance has convinced him he has, even this acknowledgement would never have been enough.

Whilst the argument will surely continue over what or how the Leave Movement actually won, the reality underpinning its ultimate success was that it hinged on the dynamic of one issue, one vote.

Quite literally, whatever the problem any voter perceived the EU / UK relationship to be, it could be solved or settled with a yes or a no in the form of a one-off, democratic vote.

In this lies a certain truth. That the smoke and mirrors and reliance of the ignorance of the masses that fuels and allows the EU to ‘succeed’, is where Farage’s power – as a single-issue vote winner was always to be found.

It’s also why anything that Farage, Richard Tice or any of those still obsessed with the idea that the Brexit win gave a Brexit-based movement some kind of permanency a problem. A problem that they refuse to understand when they look at the problematic British political landscape and believe that for their ideas, there remains an open door.

The failure of Reform UK to gain traction, should have already given them pause for thought. But now that Boris has thrown his lot into the ridiculous ideology that is Net Zero and the escalation of energy prices has heralded the  world of hurt that is about to arrive for everyone in the form of the cost of living crisis, and with a lot more besides yet to come, it seems that a voice which was once a danger to an out of touch establishment, may now with his new campaign for a yes/no vote on Net Zero, about to become a danger to us all.

EU Membership was regrettably a way that our politicians decided to take us that a simple public vote should have put right. However, climate change and the issues that we all have a part to play in resolving, may have been led by political blind eyes and commercial, profit driven interests – but is very much about a way of thinking AND LIVING – that has been regrettably embraced by us all.

‘Net Zero’ does of course, pander to the same commercial interests and self-serving political class that have led us down the pathway to everything that is hurting us and hurting our environment. It puts their rehabilitation – and ability to keep making money from us all first, without letting the small issue of it being both impractical and unaffordable for the masses get in the way. It also has the added bonus of appearing to make us all feel inwardly guilty, because of the way that they previously conditioned us all to think.

So, yes. For a cynical, one-issue politician, looking to relive his glory days once again, the stupidity and impractical idealism of the Johnsonian Net Zero plan does indeed appear to present an opportunity that is as good as it will ever come.

But what this ‘Power Not Poverty’ take on a real problem doesn’t say anywhere on the packaging is that it threatens to polarise a debate in a way that will turn a very complex issue into a yes/no problem. And many people will be led to believe that climate change is not a problem that normal people need worry about as the result.

The closed shop which the current model of the British Political system is keeps very good and able leaders out of our Parliament and Councils across the land.

It has led to a situation where the people we have leading us are so far out of their depth, that they can only react to the problems that they face by continually creating new and evolving narratives that are making less and less sense – to anyone who takes the time and care to actually look.

In fact, this is exactly what we have seen this morning, with Boris now desperately trying to craft a new message that will provide him with a pass to see off Farage’s new campaign creation, using Ukraine as the excuse to put his ‘green commitments’ on the back shelf – and at least temporarily go completely the opposite way.

The truth that very few are prepared to consider or accept about climate change is that no matter whether we are consciously aware of what has been happening, we all have responsibility for allowing the situation to exist as it does today.

We are collectively responsible for allowing the people who are and have been manipulating the truth about what we really need to live, that has allowed a system to flourish where only the few really benefit economically. It has relied on massive, unnecessary use of resources and nothing less than environmental abuse.

It is the unsustainable nature of the way that we have been living, and the politics and polices that have made it this way that need to change so that we can get our relationship with the environment to a place where it works right. But that will not be achieved with any of the existing political actors running the Country, or indeed any of the debates. That also includes Farage.

Use of the energy crisis – or rather the horse that Farage and Tice are attempting to ride I on, will do nothing but harm to the wider debate about how broken politics is in this Country now is, whilst delaying the action on climate change that would be practical, manageable and which it is necessary for us all to take.

The good and the very bad news is that things will inevitably change now. These dreadful politicians and all they represent will ALL go. But we wont be ready to accept this and then act, until we have been hit by the coming systemic collapse (which has already started; will come not as a crash – but bit by bit, and will be named as many different things)

By sleight of hand – and a conflict in Ukraine, all sign of the Covid Pandemic and the responsibility for the problems that Government Covid Measures created – no longer seem to exist

The situation in Ukraine is terrible. There is no doubt that the World faces a real threat and a growing number of problems. But where has all the news and talk gone about what was going on before?

Whilst it seems like nothing other than the Ukraine crisis is going on, the reality is that the Russian Invasion only began last week. Yet, it’s as if what happened before – and more importantly, the consequences of what happened before – no longer exist.

Our media are a big part of the problem, being in bed with the establishment as they are. But in terms of the real stories that are going on around us, the uncomfortable truth is that for whatever reason it might be, for our politicians, the Ukrainian crisis has come about at a very fortuitus time.

We are already in the early stages of what is likely to be the worst cost of living crisis since the time of the great depression. So bad in fact, that in terms of not only a financial crisis, but the ways that we actually live and exist, a systemic crash is well on the way.

However, this is not because Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

The problems we face are because of what Western Leaders, the Johnson Government and the governments that ruled the UK before it have all done.

The Ukrainian Crisis quite literally serves the purposes of our inept and incompetent Politicians, so that they can attempt to cover up all of the poor decisions they have made and all of the very questionable and self-serving things that they have done.

In fact, the actions they have already taken and are now taking overtly to help Ukraine by punishing the Russian regime, really are doing a great deal to help them cover their tracks.

So much so, that when you hear more stories about the cost-of-living crisis, the coming economic crash and all of the pain and suffering that is now coming and they say it has anything to do with Ukraine, you can be sure that the steps they are taking will have actually made what was the already horrific situation that they created and hat is about to unfold for us all, significantly worse.

The danger to us all from this, is that even those Lockdown Sceptics who have spent the last 18 months fighting the establishment Covid narrative, have just rolled over and accepted everything that we are being told about the Russian Invasion and the reasons behind it – simply because it is being made to appear that we are not the ones who are being hurt.

By doing so, not only will we allow the people who have wrecked everything for us to use Ukraine as the excuse.

We expose ourselves to the reality that we will be endorsing the tenure of the very people who have caused all of our problems and create a situation where the way that group think and media intervention will end up with us experiencing a hell of a lot more of the same.