By sleight of hand – and a conflict in Ukraine, all sign of the Covid Pandemic and the responsibility for the problems that Government Covid Measures created – no longer seem to exist

The situation in Ukraine is terrible. There is no doubt that the World faces a real threat and a growing number of problems. But where has all the news and talk gone about what was going on before?

Whilst it seems like nothing other than the Ukraine crisis is going on, the reality is that the Russian Invasion only began last week. Yet, it’s as if what happened before – and more importantly, the consequences of what happened before – no longer exist.

Our media are a big part of the problem, being in bed with the establishment as they are. But in terms of the real stories that are going on around us, the uncomfortable truth is that for whatever reason it might be, for our politicians, the Ukrainian crisis has come about at a very fortuitus time.

We are already in the early stages of what is likely to be the worst cost of living crisis since the time of the great depression. So bad in fact, that in terms of not only a financial crisis, but the ways that we actually live and exist, a systemic crash is well on the way.

However, this is not because Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

The problems we face are because of what Western Leaders, the Johnson Government and the governments that ruled the UK before it have all done.

The Ukrainian Crisis quite literally serves the purposes of our inept and incompetent Politicians, so that they can attempt to cover up all of the poor decisions they have made and all of the very questionable and self-serving things that they have done.

In fact, the actions they have already taken and are now taking overtly to help Ukraine by punishing the Russian regime, really are doing a great deal to help them cover their tracks.

So much so, that when you hear more stories about the cost-of-living crisis, the coming economic crash and all of the pain and suffering that is now coming and they say it has anything to do with Ukraine, you can be sure that the steps they are taking will have actually made what was the already horrific situation that they created and hat is about to unfold for us all, significantly worse.

The danger to us all from this, is that even those Lockdown Sceptics who have spent the last 18 months fighting the establishment Covid narrative, have just rolled over and accepted everything that we are being told about the Russian Invasion and the reasons behind it – simply because it is being made to appear that we are not the ones who are being hurt.

By doing so, not only will we allow the people who have wrecked everything for us to use Ukraine as the excuse.

We expose ourselves to the reality that we will be endorsing the tenure of the very people who have caused all of our problems and create a situation where the way that group think and media intervention will end up with us experiencing a hell of a lot more of the same.


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