Sanctions on Russia have become a political race to the bottom, without any care for the consequences of yet more group-think madness for us all

We may not realise it right now, but we are collectively engaged in a mass pile-in on Russia. A pile-on that is set to do a lot more harm to us and to this Country, than it will end up doing to Putin’s Regime and his Country, anytime soon.

The question of whether Putin should have invaded Ukraine and the way that Ukrainians are being treated by the Russian Military who are following his orders, isn’t justified by anything that Western leaders or NATO have done. But nor should we be deluding ourselves with the idea that the West has any moral superiority when it comes to either the influence or actions that have led to this unlawful invasion either.

The question of what happens next is very different. What we may not yet realise or fully appreciate is that the crusade against Russia – whatever the reason and motive we are ALL clambering for this may be – is not going to come without very significant cost to us all.

Why? Because the politicians and business leaders whose vested interests provoked Putin’s response, are also the same politicians and business leaders who have created the situation where the measures we are now cheering them on to take, pay no attention to the National vulnerability that their own self-serving actions over decades have helped create.

Just this morning, I have noted that the price of fuel has gone up on the garage forecourt that I use by 5p a Litre.

In terms of the financial impact of the financial meltdown and the systemic collapse now underway that the Ukraine-related sanctions are only adding fuel to, this is really just the start.

Stupidity based upon nothing more than greed has placed the UK and many other Western Countries at the whim and mercy of Countries such as Russia and China. We have been conditioned to believe that it was in our best (financial) interests for these dictatorships to have the power to supply all the goods and much of the energy sources that we actually need on a day-to-day basis, that we need and that in many cases are essential, just so that people and businesses can continue to exist.

Ironically, whilst we have been led to believe by the establishment narrative that is in our interests for these companies and the people behind then to do so, the pursuit of globalisation has also taken away jobs, communities and industries that we need. It has also come at massive cost to the environment, as consumerism and the interests that feed it have deliberately overused and chucked away resources that localism and ethical capitalism would never have required us to use.

But the worst thing to happen form all of this, is that we have lost the ability to function independently and securely as a Nation State.

It means that we have no control over prices or the influences that can be used very effectively against us and the very weak political leaders that we have, when we are dependent upon other countries for those supplies and services. Supplies and services that are essential to life and that we should have never allowed to be provided by any suppliers other than our own.

As has been the case with so many problems and issues – just as we have seen with the implementation of Covid Measures that better leaders would never have needed to impose – it is our inept and incompetent politicians who with the actions they are taking against Putin’s Russia, are yet again at the forefront of creating and this time adding to the chaos for us all that comes next.

With Russia being self-resourcing, but at the same time now being financially shut-down, there is a risk that the result of Western sanctions against them will come back at what is left of our financial system and markets after Covid and decades of establishment abuse. It will probably now prove to be the straw that breaks the camels back in just one very public, out of many alternative ways that the turning point could have proven to be.

The problem that so many of us fail to see, is that it doesn’t matter what the rights or the wrongs are of the situation (in Ukraine) that is now in our face.

Ukraine has only happened because the people we trust to run the country cannot be trusted when it comes to managing all the things going on that we cannot see.

Whilst we have been sleepwalking and distracted by the narratives that have been created to keep us busy, the vested interests just do whatever it is that they like.

We have not been aware of the damage they have been doing across the World – whilst all they do has been presented to the people and the countries they are damaging, as if these activities are being carried out legitimately in our name.

The politicians that we have leading the UK today are now engaged in what may prove to be the final act of pulling the rug from beneath our feet. They certainly have no appreciation of the laws of consequence and what they have set in motion that is yet to come.

It doesn’t matter what our politicians and the media that supports them tell us or what they blame it on. It will be their self-interest and their self-serving decisions – not Brexit, not Covid, not Ukraine, not Putin, not China – that has been the real cause.

When the moment arrives that you wake up from your slumber and begin to feel the real pain, don’t go looking to Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Reform UK, Reclaim or any of the others as an alternative to the Johnson Conservatives. Because they are all being led by and involve people who look at the world and think exactly the same.

Top-down must now become grassroots-up, if anything in the future for any of us is going to be either fair to everyone or is going to make sense.


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