The reality that money not only doesn’t exist, but that bankers and financiers actually create it out of thin air is so troubling that for many of us, even the suggestion of this is too ridiculous to believe.

If that is hard enough, the next twist of the knife that the few have been cutting and abusing us all with is that they also manage, control and police credit ratings, credit checks and the rules that govern your credit worthiness too.

In a world that we are conditioned to believe revolves around money, this means that the people who create money are the very same people who control everything that relates to what we believe to be our wealth and financial status – right down to the value of the smallest thing that we own.

If you have never had to worry about paying a bill, paying the balance of your credit card off at the end of every month, or had to go to a bank (if you are one of the lucky ones) or a loan shark (if you are not) to get a loan, I can only really say that’s great, have a high-five and good for you.

Regrettably, very many of us have and do have those worries.

Right now, the number of people having to look this experience in the eye is growing, more and more each day, as the impact of the cost-of-living crisis comes firmly into sight.


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