The Correction of Prices

It is important to not get hung up on the terminologies being used.

Words have different meanings and different uses for different people, and in no industry or situation have so many esoteric terms been in use with the deliberate intent of suggesting that magicians are at work as there are today within the financial or banking trades.

Money behaves as it does today and the goods and services that we need and used are priced as they are, because it has been in somebody’s interest – usually making profit – for them to work in that way.

As we established earlier, a reset in its most literal form, will not help anyone as we go forward.

It would simply mean that we have the same players and influences sat at the top of a system where nothing works as well and in fact gets progressively worse for every level of the hierarchy, as you travel down.

The collapse of everything that is underway, will, through a chain of events, reach a place where we will all accept that the financial system that we have and the way that money is managed and used to control every part of life, cannot continue as it has.

The prices of everything that is essential to live and to survive will have to reflect its true cost to produce or provide, with the least number of separate interests in that system of supply – or the supply chain that is involved.

This inevitable process or correction of prices will result in what appears to be a devaluation of the Pound.

But as a process that compressively corrects the pricing of everything and takes it back to a level that reflects its true value, the value of everything that we own will remain exactly the same in relative terms.

It is just the case that the way we calculate costs, profitability and how we are taxed on what we have or possess from that point onwards that will no longer be the same.


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