Levelling Level | Postscript

Right back in the early pages of Levelling Level, I referred to this being a very long book, delivered in a very short form.

Okay, so forty thousand words isn’t all that short.

But the point I was briefly attempting to make then and to which I am returning now is that the technical detail and complexity involved in delivering the wholesale changes to public policy that we MUST have, so that the world around us really is fair and balanced for us all, is so spectacular in its nature, that to many, it just resembles the very worst kind of fog.

What I realised as I wrote and worked on Levelling Level through late February and for most of March 2022, was that almost everything I was writing about, was a topic that I had written about in some isolated way before.

If you have found yourself focused on any of the topics and would like to read more, I would encourage you to visit my Blog www.adamtugwell.blog and use the search facility to find more about what interests you most, or alternatively read my other e-books that are available via the links within the Other Books by this Author list. I’m always happy to help where possible and can be contacted by e-mail at levellinglevel@gmail.com


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