Brexit, Covid, Ukraine & The Great Reset

It is important to understand that the whole system has been dysfunctional for a very long time.

That is, if it can even be said that the system was genuinely functional at any time.

It has been momentum or a seemingly unending direction of travel that has kept the whole thing going. Just as long as the lie didn’t get uncovered, there remained untapped resources to exploit and the elites or those in their pay could find new ways of rolling this turd of a story in glitter, so that the truth remained hidden in plain sight.

The European Union has been a very useful part of this money-making con. It is no accident that the steps towards increased EU power picked up speed and political acceptance in the ways and on the timeline that it otherwise inexplicably did.

That is why the Brexit Vote in 2016 hit the elites and the establishment with such a bloody great big shock.

In fact, Brexit was to be only the first blown tyre on a bus that was never meant to be stopped. The elites didn’t bank on Covid, nor Ukraine being the next two to go. Nor, that in terms of political drivers in time of an unplanned crisis, they had only ever made provision for there being useful idiots at the wheel or ready to step in from the bunk.

Even a corrupt, unethical system that exploits others can survive for a very long time. That is, as long as those with their hands on the levers of power, don’t overreach and break the systems own rules.


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