The Great Reset and the role of The World Economic Forum & The World ‘Elites’

It is only our belief in this system that makes it work. The people at the top of what is our top-down hierarchy are only there today, because we have a misplaced sense of deference to power and money, and we are continually still being conditioned to believe all that they say.

These people look at people like you and I and they think that we are all stupid, because we have been fools to give them our trust.

Yet they are all the truly stupid ones. Because they have been given the privilege of power and influence which they could have used for good. But instead, they have neglected our trust.

They have known for a long time, that the system built on lies that they sit on top of, has been at growing risk. This is why talking shops like the World Economic Forum (WEF) actually exist. It’s why so-called leaders like Klaus Schwab have been creating narratives over many years, in order that the same people in control now can use the same system of manipulation that has served them so well to ensure that they ‘own’ the inevitable process of change.

They hope to then reposition themselves to lead and benefit from exploiting us all in just the same ways, when they have taken credit for leading us through an inevitable period of crisis and pain for everyone else – that they all themselves helped to create.

‘The Great Reset’ is probably the most appropriate term for the process that is now happening. It was no accident that with the arrival of the Covid Pandemic and the realisation that ‘their system’ was in existential crisis because of the different ways that it was being handled, the WEF were very quick to begin upping the publishing of plans for ‘The Great Reset’.

This was so that they could immediately begin to create a credible narrative in the minds of people, that those at the top of all this had planned it and had been in control of it from the start.

Call it planned acquiescence if you like. Albeit, an emergency fire-fighting version, that deep down they know can only succeed for as long as we, that’s the general population, believe that we are ok, happy, in some ways and that the problems we have are problems that we have alone.

The elites know that the game is over if we reach the point where we are ready to take to the streets – because we have lost faith in their authority and no longer are prepared to accept that we have anything to lose by doing so.


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