The Great Reset: Some things can no longer be controlled

Whilst the cumulative effects of a system that benefits the few by taking from the many have been taking their time to work through and become any real threat to its existence, they have been in the offing for quite some time.

The question of something happening that would act as a catalyst for long overdue change was only ever about when such an event would happen. It was never about if.

Yet the arrival of Covid nonetheless caught the elites on the march. Indeed, the response to the ‘Pandemic’ by the fools we have in Government, by printing far more money than the system could absorb without exposing the truth of the entire money lie, was only made worse by the knee-jerk implementation of draconian social distancing measures that weren’t thought through, and were simply too obvious in their intent to hide in plain sight.

In time, it was always inevitable that the game was going to be found out. And nobody can control the narrative when we are all victims of a crash.


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